Karol Sevilla and Pipe Bueno will try to solve a mystery in “It was always me”: the actors spoke with Infobae about the new Disney + series

The actors spoke with TechMarkup about this new production that combines music with mystery.

It’s already on Disney Plus it was always mea production starring Carol Seville Y pipe good, in which a mysterious death will unleash all kinds of situations. Was it just an accident or did someone do it? This is what viewers will discover as the episodes go on.

It all starts with bad news: “El Pharaoh” (Christian Tappan) has died after an explosion caused by a gas leak and a lit cigarette. Lupe (Karol), her daughter, immediately travels from Mexico City to Cartagena, Colombia, in order to attend her funeral. However, something in this story doesn’t add up, so she decides to stay longer in the country to try to find out what really happened to her father.

Karol Sevilla is Lupe and Pipe Bueno is Noah in "It was always me."  (DisneyPlus)
Karol Sevilla is Lupe and Pipe Bueno is Noah in “It was always me.” (DisneyPlus)

in conversation with TechMarkup, Karol defined her character, who, according to her, is like being on top of a roller coaster because it has ups and downs. “It has always been very closed. She is angry all the time and she has a kind of shield because she doesn’t want anyone to hurt her. Also, she has a very particular story, since her father is very famous but she doesn’t like any of that. She has stage fright, but she likes to sing. She is the yin and the yang, both at the same time”.

The actress also added that she loved playing this character, because it is very human and reflects the history of many women, and in general, of many people.

“I think a lot of girls, or well, a lot of women who are going through this transition of knowing what’s going on with their lives, are going to feel very identified. In addition, it is a series that has a very specific message that you can fulfill your dreams and learn to overcome your fears.”

The protagonists will try to find out what happened to "El Faraón", Lupe
The protagonists will try to find out what happened to “El Faraón”, Lupe’s father. (DisneyPlus)

Along the way, Lupe will meet Noah (Pipe), the extreme opposite of her: a lover of music, of showing herself in public, with a free spirit and no strings attached. And although she will initially doubt him, she will eventually become a great ally in discovering the truth regarding the death of “El Pharaoh”.

“Noah is a guy who loves music, who can be a little hippie, who plays guitar, who goes to the beach. He’s a very laid-back guy, but when all that story, which is very complex around Lupe’s father, comes to the fore, various aspects of him that are a little darker start to come to the fore. It’s very interesting to see how the process of this character leads him to have different nuances around the story, and then they will realize that Noah was the only one who had a big secret. There he left them no more than that little detail, ”revealed the actor and singer, also in conversation with TechMarkup.

Although at first they will not like each other, eventually Noah and Lupe will become friends.  And in something else?  (DisneyPlus)
Although at first they will not like each other, eventually Noah and Lupe will become friends. And in something else? (DisneyPlus)

All of the above makes it a series full of suspense, which promises to keep viewers in front of the screen. This having as a background the beautiful landscapes of the Colombian Caribbean.

“For Lupe everyone is responsible, and the story is just this: that a character appears and it is him, and another character appears and it is also him. I think the subtext of this production is that everyone is responsible to the end. Many people will even believe that Lupe already knows the secret and is keeping it. In addition, they will also realize that Noah is one of the most important clues for the protagonist, “added Karol.

Trailer for “It Was Always Me”. (DisneyPlus)

A very musical production

it was always me revolves around Lupe and the strange death of her father, and precisely, to try to discover the mystery, she will have to immerse herself in her life… a very musical life considering that she is one of the most famous artists in Colombia . Therefore, each episode will be accompanied by music, dance, Colombian and Latin roots.

“Part of the great attraction that I saw when they called me to do this production is that I was involved with music and was not separated from my backbone, which is the musical career. And when I arrived the songs were spectacular. In addition, we already launched a theme called the most beautiful song, which is really the most beautiful song in the world. And, on the other hand, although it is clear that the urban genre predominates, viewers will also find Latin and very Colombian sounds”.

Behind the scenes of "It was always me".  (DisneyPlus)
Behind the scenes of “It was always me”. (DisneyPlus)

And although several doubts will be resolved in the first episodes, there is still much more to cut. Precisely, the protagonists confirmed to TechMarkup that in the coming weeks the recordings of what will be the second season of It was always me. So there will be more adventures, more mysteries to solve, and of course, more music.


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