Karla Luna’s sister accused Karla Panini and Américo Garza of not allowing her to live with her nieces

Érika Luna accused Karla Panini and Américo Garza of not letting her see the younger daughters of her sister, Karla Luna (Photos: Instagram @kikalunam//@kpaninimx)

After last Wednesday Karla Panni Y Reubeneldest son of carla moonthey will fight through social networks because the family of the Brunette Wagtail have not seen the minor daughters of the actress, ErikaLuna’s sister asked for help since, supposedly, Panini did not take the minors to coexistence that they would have last Thursday.

A few days ago Érika Luna, sister of Karla Luna, had to have a coexistence with the daughters that Karla and Américo Garza had during their marriage; however, Erika exhibited in windowing that Karla Panini and Américo Garza would not have allowed it, since they did not attend the appointment.

“I came with that hope and very happy, but unfortunately they didn’t bring them. I am very sad, honestly, I have a lump in my throat

Karla Luna had two daughters with Américo Garza during their marriage: Sara and Nina (Photo: @karlalunatv)
Karla Luna had two daughters with Américo Garza during their marriage: Sara and Nina (Photo: @karlalunatv)

Due to this, Érika asked the governor of Nuevo León for help, as she said she feared that Panini and Garza are prohibiting the girls from having contact with Luna’s family and because, in addition, they have been fighting for more than five years to see Karla’s daughters. .

I ask the governor, Samuel García, and his wife, Mariana, to please help us.that the Luna family has been fighting for five years to see our girls and it is not possible that they cannot solve us, ”said Érika.


Karla Luna’s sister also took advantage of the cameras to send a message to Panini and her husband, in which she called them selfish for allegedly not thinking about the good of minors and contributing them from their maternal family.

Enough is enough Karla Panini and Américo, enough is enough. Think of the girls, don’t be selfish, they are also daughters of Karla Luna and we, as a family, deserve to live with them. Please stop it already”

Érika mentioned that she is worried about what the girls may be going through with their father and stepmother, because in each online coexistence they had, supposedly, the minors looked sad and they avoided seeing her, something that is strange for her since they did not behave in this way before.

“They connect for, I don’t know, 15 minutes, I look for their eyes and they don’t give me a look, it’s always towards the floor. They reflect sadness and reflect, above all, that panic of being… I don’t know, I am afraid that they are threatenedbeing threatened for showing love (…) The first coexistence they had, they with my parents and their siblings, when it just started it was hugs, kisses, ‘we love them’, ‘we miss them’ and from night to the morning is over, that can’t be normal”, Erika recalled.

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After this, Karla Panini shared photos of the moment in which she supposedly accompanied Américo’s daughters to the coexistence she would have with Érika Luna, responding to Karla’s sister and her son, Rubén. In addition, she accused Luna’s family of not attending the state coexistence center.

“Ruben; Do not tell lies. Coexistence with you is suspended by order of a judge, and at the request of the girls; not because Américo or I say so. Here I leave you these photos as proof of a coexistence that I myself took, to which you They did not attend. So DO NOT say that we have never worn them or that what the law indicates is not complied with on this side”

The message to Rubén arises because he, in a Panini post on his Instagram account, accused the comedian and her husband of not letting them see Luna’s daughter, despite the fact that a judge ordered gatherings for the family. Moon.

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