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Kaleidoscope: What is the right order to watch the Netflix series?

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The series arrived on Netflix last Sunday (1) Kaleidoscopenew ‘different’ production that promises to offer spectators a totally new experience.

Table of Contents

The plot is simple. We follow a group of thieves as they plan a massive $70 billion heist. The real difference is in the presentation.

This is because the series brings an innovative proposal: subscribers will be able to watch the eight episodes of the series in any order they choose. Yes, you can start with the “last” chapter or with the “middle”. In all, there are over 40,000 different ways to watch the production.

  • Learn more about the plot of Kaleidoscope, a new Netflix series

Therefore, each person will have a different understanding of the same plot, as each episode presents a different moment in history, which takes place over a period of 25 years.

Netflix production promises to revolutionize the way to watch series

Right order to watch Kaleidoscope

But if you still prefer the conventional model and want to follow the series through history chronological, don’t worry. We separate the correct order of the episodes! Check it out below:

  • Violet: takes place 24 years before the robbery
  • Green: 7 years before the robbery
  • Yellow: 6 weeks before the robbery
  • Orange: 3 weeks before the robbery
  • Blue: 5 days before the robbery
  • white: the heist
  • Red: Shows the morning after the robbery
  • Pink: 6 months after the robbery

Netflix also revealed some other possible orders to watch the production. In addition to chronologically, streaming recommends viewing the series in order “as if it were a detective classic”, “a Tarantino movie” or as if it followed a plot similar to Orange Is The New Black.

The eight episodes of Kaleidoscope are available on Netflix.

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