Home Entertainment “Juvenile Court”: A Korean Legal Drama Examining The Background Of Juvenile Delinquency

“Juvenile Court”: A Korean Legal Drama Examining The Background Of Juvenile Delinquency

Cold-hearted and committed to her profession, that’s the description that Judge Shim Eun-Seok fits perfectly every time she delivers a verdict on the juvenile delinquency cases that come to her court. She is the narrator and central character of juvenile court (Juvenile Justice)a legal drama that proposes a change of perspective against the established prejudices towards young failures and welcomed by the criminal world.

According to the official synopsis of Netflixthe story “revolves around Eun-Seok, a judge who abhors juvenile delinquents, but later realizes the social problems they face and the responsibility society has for their behavior.” Kim Hye Soo brings to life the protagonist who, one day, receives a transfer to work at the Yeonhwa District Juvenile Court.

South Korean TV content offers mostly romantic comedies or dramas, as well as horror stories involving monsters and zombies. However, the proposal of juvenile court It is very different from all the previous ones and I change the air a bit to what is customary between the productions of South Korea, since it is oriented more towards issues related to justice, crimes and law. At the moment, is in third place in the weekly ranking of non-English speaking series on the platform streaming.

A legal drama reflecting the lives of many young Koreans

Shim Eun-seok started her career as a lawyer and later joined a team of judges preceded by a neat and outstanding reputation in the workplace. Unlike her colleagues, she is extremely cold towards everyone around her and this will become inconvenient when a very complex case pits her search for the truth against her deep hatred towards juvenile delinquents.

A kidnapping, murder and mutilation was committed by a 13-year-old boy, who does not face adult laws as a minor and is referred to the Shim court in Yeonhwa. The great suspicion is that he did not commit this crime alone, and this is revealed when his phone history is thoroughly investigated and a security tape shows the events prior to the terrible murder that same day.

In collaboration with his colleague, Cha Tae-joo (Kim Mu Yeol), they search further until they reach the truth and identify the possible perpetrator of the crime. Although the situation of lengthening the case is not well seen by Kang Won-joong (Lee Sung Min), the representative of this court with interests in entering politics, she manages to find the real culprits. Throughout the season, the judge receives more cases of young people who, in reality, are victims of their environment due to mistreatment, inequalities, among other problems; in addition to being completely ignored by society.

juvenile court is written by Kim Min-seok and directed by Hong Jong-chan. The main cast is made up of Kim Hye Soo as Shim Eun-seok; Kim Mu Yeol as Cha Tae-joo; Lee Sung Min as Kang Won-joong; and Lee Jung-eun as Na Geun-hee. All 10 episodes of the first season were released simultaneously on February 25 on Netflix.

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