“Just thinking about the Roman Empire”: Ryan Reynolds laughs at the latest viral TikTok trend

We know a lot about him Roman empire thanks to the remains that we preserve, the traditions and knowledge that have come down to us and the discoveries that we have made centuries later. Its importance is more noticeable today than it may seem, and men are aware of it. At least, this is what it assures latest trend viral on social networks.

It all started with the user Arthur Hulu on Instagram, when he stated that men think about this ancient civilization very often. Since then, thousands of women, mainly on TikTok, they have recorded the reactions from their partners, friends, siblings or parents when asking them about Rome and its imperial past.

The responses have been varied and, above all, very numerous. This has gotten even famous people to participate in the trend. The last one has been Ryan Reynolds that from his Instagram account has decided to contribute to the joke that has been floating around the internet for days.

Ryan Reynolds jokes about the trend of the Roman Empire.
Ryan Reynolds

The actor shared a very peculiar selfie in which he appeared wearing glasses and lying on his bed. Below, he wrote the following: “Just thinking about the Roman Empire.”

Reynolds added to this photograph, in which he stares at the camera, the song Roman Holiday of The National. Thus, it further fueled a joke that might not be so implausible, since many men have come to say without irony that They often think of the Romans.

For now, Reynolds has had more time than usual to think about the Roman Empire, joking aside. The filming of the third part of Deadpool is paralyzed due to the strike of scriptwriters and writers in United States. Your time for reflection may be running out, if you really want to take advantage of it, since great progress has been made to unclog this situation and return to normality in Hollywood.

Reasons to think about the Romans

Another actor who has had plenty of time to think about Ancient Rome is Paul Mescal. At Milan Fashion Week, the actor, star of Gladiator 2, He jokingly admitted that he has had this civilization on his mind for the past six months due to his upcoming role in the movie. Ridley Scott.

This large production has also suffered the effects of the strike, but its future premiere in 2024 will give many more reasons to the men of the world to think constantly of the glory of the Roman empire and the contributions that have survived to this day.

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