It’s one of the most famous romantic comedies in history, it’s a movie we’ve all seen… and it’s a hot potato when it comes to values ​​and message. Since 1990, beautiful woman It has been a film as successful as it is problematic, something that Julia Roberts He already admits what he answers with a lot of diplomacy.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Roberts was faced with a question about the film’s alleged toxic messages. “Do you think it would be possible to do it today?” the interviewer asks him, citing comments on the internet that denounce his condescending attitude towards sex workers.

“There are many movies that, seen today, would lead us to ask questions, to question the climate of the time in which they were made,” replies the actress. “Even if we watched some TV shows from when I was young today, we would be amazed at how much some things could make us laugh,” she adds.

“But precisely for that reason we continue to tell different stories,” Roberts stresses. And he adds: “The times change”.

Also, during the same interview, Julia Roberts answers a question about the famous “Don’t forget that I’m just a girl in front of a boy asking to be loved” of Notting Hill. A phrase that, he declares, he has not gotten tired of hearing: “It is a very tender phrase, he wrote it Richard Curtis, a good friend of mine. When someone repeats it to me, I feel tremendously proud.”

At the time, beautiful woman arose from a script titled 3,000 which cast a much harsher perspective on sex work, marginalization and class differences in Los Angeles. A story in which They lived was a crack addict and the financier ultimately played by Richard Gere he was far from a nice guy.

Sweetened and transformed into “The Story of Snow Whore and the Prince” that we all know and love, the film faced very harsh criticism in its day, such as that from the New York Times according to which “it is not a love story, but a money story”. “He acclaims prostitution while destroying prostitutes,” he sentenced jonathan rosenbaum in the Chicago Reader.

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