Juan Soler doubted the attack against Cristina Kirchner and they compared him to Laura Zapata

Some Twitter users reacted to the controversial statements made by the actor about what happened last Thursday in Argentina (Photos: Gettyimages)

After last Thursday an armed person reportedly attempted murder to the Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, John Soler He assured on his social networks that this would have been a montage, however, due to his statements, was compared to Laura Zapata.

On the night of Thursday, September 1, a man identified as Fernando Andres Sabag would have fired a weapon against Cristina Kirchner in front of his home, which caused controversy among Argentines. However, some people have claimed that since the shot did not go off, this would have been mounting to favor the image of the vice president, among these people is the actor Juan Soler.

Through his Twitter account, Soler shared the moment in which Kirchner reacted by covering his ears when he saw how a firearm was pointed at his face. In his post he wrote:

“Noise of thermocephalus screaming and bawling ‘I love you, Cristina’… and this delinquent lousy actress!!! Does he cover his ears to a detonation that never existed??? Rare, right???”

The reactions to the tweet of the protagonist of time and you they did not take long to arrive; There were users who criticized him for saying that the attack would have been staged, while others applauded him for expressing his opinion, since there are those who support this version.

“Where were you Juan Soler? We already needed a voice without mincing words like yours, welcome!”, “It was pure show mounted, like the fake news of the Lighthouse and Gato miado. Good actress that gueona”, “Pure show! They love to victimize themselves and even more so when justice breathes down their necks. everything was planned”, were some of the answers in which they supported the actor.

“There is misery and you”, “Che I continued making low-budget Mexican soap operas… You have zero right to talk about this country”, “Did she follow your footsteps on Televisa or why do you say she is a criminal and a lousy actress?”, criticized the users.

The Argentine has criticized the current government of his native country for several months, turning his Twitter account only into politics (Photo: Instagram / @juansolervalls)
The Argentine has criticized the current government of his native country for several months, turning his Twitter account only into politics (Photo: Instagram / @juansolervalls)

Since it is not the first time that Juan Soler has spoken against Cristina Kirchner, in some of the comments, they even branded him as being the male version of Laura Zapatabecause in recent years Thalía’s sister has been characterized by make controversy with their views on the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“The Laura Zapata in man”, “Laura Zapata Argentine version hahaha”, “Another mediocre actor who is past his time of fame and no one hires him anymore, that’s why he exudes hatred. Just like @laishawilkins @PelonGomis #LauraZapata etc”, “You are of the Laura Zapata type, it is good that they take off their masks and realize that all these artists are FACHES!!!!”, wrote netizens.

And it is that the protagonist of The Mexican and the blond He usually uses his Twitter account to attack the vice president of Argentina, launching messages like “Who is that little liar who screams and screams… How little do you have left… You are everything that is wrong in Argentina…” or “Twilight of a simpleton delinquent and bad-tempered”, which caused him to be compared in Mexico with Zapata.

Through her social networks and in different interviews, the actress has criticized AMLO and his government, as well as the people who support him, since she has assured that the president is a liar and that the country is in one of its worst times due to the way he has run the country.

The last of the controversial statements made by Zapata was during Carlos Alazraki’s program, Atypical Sees Youwhere he said that Mexicans are some “egg…” and they only stretch out their hand for López Obrador to give them money.

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