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Juan Osorio ranted against Pablo Montero after attacking a reporter: “It is not justifiable”

Juan Osorio ranted against Pablo Montero after attacking a reporter:
Juan Osorio pointed out that Montero should take care of his image (Photo: Instagram)

Controversy continues to haunt Paul Montero and, is that, a few days ago the actor starred in an arduous discussion with a evening reporter windowing, which caused outrage not only among viewers, but also among some characters in the show. Such was the case with John Osorio, who on this occasion did not remain silent and attacked the Little Gold.

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It was before the cameras of Pati Chapoy that the soap opera producer reacted to the events that took place on last August 6 at the People’s Theater of Saltillo, Coahuila.

“I believe that you do your job, that is a reality, you are responsible for your image, but if you make mistakes: ‘ah, no, you reporters who don’t let you live your life’, If one shared his personal life, you have to take responsibility, then I am very sorry, “he began to say.

Thus, although it might seem that Emilio Osorio’s father would defend the one who gave life to the character of Vicente Fernández in the unauthorized series The last king: The son of the people, in fact he was disappointed in the decisions that the famous has recently made.

The famous has been involved in controversy (Photo: Instagram/@pablomoficial)
The famous has been involved in controversy (Photo: Instagram/@pablomoficial)

“That’s not why I’m going to ignore that lack of respect, she is a woman first and foremost, she is doing her job. It did not seem justifiable to me that because I was a child, to assume its responsibility. That’s my humble opinion, I can’t be a pimp for bad behavior,” he said.

It’s not that I don’t make mistakes, when I make them or pass them I also have to assume and accept them, and even more so if you already know that you are a short fuse. I believe that you have to learn to have lessons from life, to correct your mistakes, but sometimes it is not that easy.

Regarding the speculations of a supposed veto of Televisa to Pablo Montero after having failed in some work commitments due to his apparent alcoholismJuan Osorio sentenced:

“Tell me which company vetoes a character, we veto ourselves, because of our attitude, behavior, because of the lack of professionalism. It is not banned, far from it, but I want to know, who calls it?

Similarly, the producer took advantage of the space to remind Pablo Montero that he should take responsibility for his actions.

It is one that causes them to take away their job. If he doesn’t take care of his work, his image, his professionalism and respect for this race, because disrespecting a person is disrespecting this race,” he said.

Juan Osorio does not want to work with Pablo Montero again

Although for many years, Juan Osorio and Pablo Montero maintained a very close friendship, a few months ago their relationship faltered after the singer did not appear at the final recording of the Vicente Fernández bioseries. From that moment on, the producer mentioned that he tried to talk to the artist and urged him to seek professional help for his alcohol problem.

“Yes, he came here to the office […] We talked, the truth is I expressed the discomfort that I had, how unprofessional it was not to show up on the last day of recording, to leave the recording planted, we talked about all that, ”he said in an old interview for the program First hand.

I told him that I was receiving him because I had been a patient and one of the things that one has to learn with the disease is to have humility and to recognize and give tolerance.


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