Josh Hartnett finally clarifies his confrontation with Harrison Ford

In the film industry it happens like in other jobs: there are colleagues with whom you get along wonderfully, others who are indifferent to you and the odd one you don’t tolerate. Harrison Ford, Without going any further, he has shared the screen with pleasure with actors such as Ryan Goslin, with whom he coincided in bladerunner 2049, but it has also had its disagreements with certain stars.

Just a few days ago, Ford remembered one of his worst experiences on a set with Brad Pitt. Both coincided in the film the shadow of the devil (1997) and the veteran actor confessed that there was no way they could agree on aspects such as the script or the director.

Another interpreter with whom Ford had his disagreements during the development of a project together was Josh Hartnett. The project was Hollywood: Homicide Department (2003), a police action film in which the protagonists gave life to two very opposite agents.

Two decades later, Hartnett has finally referred to the alleged conflict he experienced with Ford during the production of the film Ron Shelton. Although the actor acknowledges that there were differences with his filming partner on the set, he affirms that the rumors about them hating each other are totally out of proportion.

“The drama sells newspapers, especially at that time,” he assured in an interview for independent (via ew): “But we actually get along really well. There were things we didn’t agree on on set, like the script, and there was a lot of rewriting. But that was misconstrued as: ‘They don’t get along!

Along the same lines, he has continued to explain: “It wasn’t a tense set at all. I think I called him ‘the torment of my existence’ when we were on the promotional tour for the movie, but that was because he constantly teased me. Its his way of being”.

The conflict between Ford and Hartnett

just as you remember ew, Speculations about the bad relationship between the actors started with the production of Hollywood: Homicide Department. Apparently, the couple refused to meet eyes on set and often argued during the promotional tour.

In an interview in 2003 with the media ContactMusic, Hartnett admitted that many times, between takes, he was in a fight with his partner: “There were times we’d end up sitting in the car when we were supposed to shoot a scene. and neither of them said anything for an hour.”

Despite everything, the actor would ensure that little by little they found a way to work with each other and end the film like this: “I had to endure a trial period, but we ended up getting along well towards the end.”

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