Jolette and Alexander Acha surprised in the 2000s Pop Tour of Guadalajara

Jolette and Alexander Acha surprised at the 2000s Pop Tour in Guadalajara (Photos: Instagram/@ jolettenavarrete/@alexanderacha)

The successful tour The 2000s Pop Tour has successfully had its third great presentation and this time it was in the land of tequila. Guadalajara witnessed the talent of various performers who for more than two hours were able to enjoy the most important classics in Spanish in Mexico from two decades ago, however peculiar guests made an appearance.

alexander ach He shone as one of the surprise guests of the tour -since other well-known celebrities attended in Mexico City and Nuevo León- and conquered the people of Guadalajara who endlessly sang his greatest hit Love you. Emmanuel’s son made the thousands of attendees wonder if in the future he will be part of “vol. 2″ since it did cause a great sensation.

“What’s up! We are here backstage at The 2000s Pop Tour at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, but I’m going to go out and sing and I need to concentrate, still come with me”, stated the director of The Academy: 20 years in a video shared on your account Instagram that has already received thousands of reproductions and comments from former academics such as Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in mexicoand other singers.

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Another former participant of the popular reality show Aztec TV also attended and although did not perform on the main stagequickly caught the attention of all attendees that they did not hesitate ask for photos and videos. Jolette Once again, she proved that without being part of the invited artists, she has all the potential to join the tour, since her fans acclaim her with great euphoria.

In the same way, through your account Instagram He shared all the moments that he lived in the fun night and I do not hesitate to make it clear that he has a great admiration for Alexander Acha despite not having a good agreement with the project that he recently directed and that gave her national fame due to the viral fights he made against Lolita Cortés.

The singer was in the first rows witnessed the show (Photo: Instagram)
The singer was in the first rows witnessed the show (Photo: Instagram)

Although there was more than one insta story enjoying the presentations of artists such as Paty Cantú, Pee Wee, Yahir, Fanny Lú, Kudai, Playa Limbo, Motel, Bacilos and Nikki Clan, the darling of the former academic was the RBD, Sweet Mariaas he was seen enjoying the band’s biggest hits like Just be quiet, behind me, don’t stop either There’s still something.

Although the interpreter Roberta Brown in Rebel (2004 for TV) has not responded to their compliments, many of the fans of both hope that some type of collaboration can be made in the event that Jolette was included in a live presentation, since her pop presentations in the fourth generation of The academy They have been immortalized despite the fact that several years have passed since the feat.

The former academic was a fan of Dulce María and RBD (Photo: Instagram)
The former academic was a fan of Dulce María and RBD (Photo: Instagram)

The participation of both, although it was different, captivated the public that is already looking forward to the fourth confirmed date of the tour, on November 18 at the Mexico City Arena, which could be the end of the first stage, since the official DVD is expected to be released at the same time and after a brief pause the project is resumed in 2023 with a poster that retains a large part of the original cast but new talents are added, as happened with the five volumes of The 90s Pop Tour.

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