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Joker 2: extras accuse production of mistreatment; understand!

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Scheduled to open in October 2024, the film joker 2 (direct sequence of joker, 2019) promises to move fans of DC and cinematographic works centered on comic book characters. The first film focused on the Batman villain was a complete success and won two Oscars, in addition to being acclaimed worldwide by critics and viewers.

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Despite all the anxiety around Joker 2, those who are not very happy with the work are the extras in the production. According to the American website TMZ, the actors would be frustrated and irritated by not having breaks during the recordings, not even to go to the bathroom or drink water.

The production of Joker 2 turned into a nightmare for the extras in the work, who would not have breaks to rest.Source: Warner Bros.

TMZ sources, who would be present at the production of joker 2, reported that the extras would be working for two hours without stopping and, when they ask for breaks, they are denied. Filming for the new DC movie is underway at Warner Bros. in Burbank, California.

The publication also reveals that the only time available for the “extras” to use the bathroom is during camera changes, which lasts about 20 minutes. However, even in this case the actors need to “convince” those responsible for the production that they really need to go and that the situation is an emergency.

The sources exemplified the problematic scenario by saying that, when an extra came back from the bathroom and got a glass of water, an assistant director said: “Why are you drinking more water? So you have to go to the bathroom again?”. Another assistant would have said, “I’ve never had to go to the bathroom so much. What are they doing there? Because they sure as hell aren’t using the bathroom.”

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The situation would have already been reported to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), a union that represents thousands of actors in the United States and aims to guarantee decent working conditions for them. The institution would have already spoken with the production of joker 2 and will continue to monitor the case, according to TMZ.

joker 2 it has the direction of Todd Phillips, in addition to the stars Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in the main roles.

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