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John Cena: “I think ‘Fast & Furious 10’ and ‘Barbie’ have a lot in common”

John Cena:

This may 19 arrives Fast & Furious 10which we thought would be the prelude to the end of the story… until Vin Diesel He said that the same thing had two movies and not one later. However long it lasts, this film brings back John Cena as the wayward brother of Dom Toretto, after we last saw him in the series of The peacemaker for HBO Max and before the big premiere this summer (with the permission of oppenheimer): Barbiedirected by Greta Gerwig.

We learned that Cena appeared as much in Fast & Furious 10 like in Barbie long after its incorporation into the shooting, thanks to the advances. In the case of the film that Gerwig herself co-writes with Noah Baumbach we are witnessing a great change of register: here he plays a mermaid. And, interviewed in Todaythe ex-stars of wrestling He has explained how he was able to access the paper. He did it in a roundabout way, since Cena had already auditioned but the Warner people had not seen it clearly, and it was margot robbie who had to intervene.

Cena and Robbie, of course, appeared together in The Suicide Squad; Robbie as Harley Quinn before James Gunn give Cena his own series. “Was a happy accident. He hadn’t worked with Margot before. Us we made friends randomly”, recalls Cena about The Suicide Squad. And some time later…”Fast & Furious 10 it was rolling in front of Barbie. And she told me ‘why don’t you do Barbie?’ and i told him ‘I tried!’. Margot then made a series of decisions and I said ‘I’ll do what you need’”.

Robbie is a producer of Barbie, so it was not difficult for her to pull strings at Warner so that they would accept Cena. “They asked me if I wanted to be a mermaid and I said ‘of course’”, assures the actor. Dinner, now, manages to see parallels between Fast & Furious 10 and Barbie, beyond how much he has enjoyed taking part in both projects. “I think that Barbie and Fast & Furious 10 They have a lot in common. Your cast is amazing. The cast of Barbie is incredible. The cast of Fast & Furious 10 is incredible”.

Incredible and very baggy, because between Fast & Furious 10 and Barbie practically no Hollywood star has remained to be hired (the rest have gotten into oppenheimer). Barbie opens on July 20thand it remains to be seen if they give Cena the opportunity to return to fast & furious after the tenth installment.

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