From 2010when did Locked with the leading role of Amber Heard, john carpenter He has stayed away from the leadership. The iconic horror director (who has done so much for the genre through titles like On Halloween night, they are alive! either The thing) has preferred during this time to dedicate himself to a contemplative life, which happens both for dedicating himself to video games and for receiving huge sums of money for the franchises he has promoted. Halloweenwithout going any further, released its latest installment last year, The end.

This film had a soundtrack in which Carpenter participated, as a timid challenge to retirement that has now suddenly ended: the person in charge of in the mouth of fear He has gone behind the scenes again. According to collect Prague ReporterCarpenter has recently appeared at the event Texas Frightmare Weekend of Irving, Texas, to talk about their plans for the future. Which happen to publish a new album, and to direct a television series of which he has confirmed the title and modus operandi.

Is about Suburban Screams or, more exactly, John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams. “John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams”. The series has been shot in Prague, but Carpenter has not had to travel to Czech Republic because… he has directed it remotely. “I just finished directing, remotely, a series called Suburban Screams”, he explained during the event. “It was recorded in Prague, I sat on the sofa and I directed it. It was incredible”. Carpenter has given no more details than those.

From the title we infer that it is an anthological series, perhaps made up of self-contained horror chapters, and Carpenter has taken charge of it from his home in Hollywood: he has not moved from the US. Yes, it has transcended on the other hand that Suburban Dreams has been registered in the fund for Czech productions, and which has the production company Milk and Honey Pictures involved. This company recently took over Foundationadaptation of Isaac Asimov destined to AppleTV+.

The series would have been recorded, with the distant mediation of Carpenter, in the studies prague of Letňany. We still don’t know if the filmmaker (who also spoke quietly about an upcoming sequel to The thing) has a streaming platform agreed, and no interpreter has transcended either. Likewise, it is still good news that the signatory of Coup in Little China is back on the road.

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