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JK Rowling: Succession’s Brian Cox defends controversial author

Imagem de: J.K. Rowling: Brian Cox, de Succession, defende autora de polêmicas

Harry Potter fan or not, you’ve certainly heard of author JK Rowling, who conquered the world by presenting the book saga about the most famous and beloved wizard in the world. You too must have seen something about the controversies surrounding the author, who showed support for some transphobic comments made on social media. Something that turned a good part of the public (and even the cast of the Harry Potter films) against her.

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However, recently, an important figure from the world of cinema and television series has come out in support of Rowling. We’re talking about Brian Cox, star of HBO’s award-winning series Succession, who, in an interview with the Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg program, defended the writer, saying that she has the right to her own opinion, especially as a woman giving her opinion about her body. feminine.

“I don’t like the way she’s been treated, actually. I think she’s entitled to her opinion, she’s entitled to say what she feels. As a woman, she’s very entitled to say what she feels about her own body. There’s no one better to say it than a woman. So I feel like people have been on a high heel when they talk about JK Rowling,” said the actor.

Check out the Brian Cox interview on video:

Previously, Cox, who is known for his strong and direct opinions, has supported Rowling. In May 2022, in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan, he criticized cancel culture, calling the movement “outright fascism”. On the occasion, he used the figure of the author of Harry Potter as an example, explaining that her cancellation was completely unfair.

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Despite what the actor thinks, many other stars have condemned Rowling’s behavior, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Harry Melling, all of whom have starred in the Harry Potter adaptations for the big screen. The artist, however, has not slowed down and continues to maintain the same positions, generating a lot of controversy and dividing opinions, even after years, considering that the whole case started in 2018.

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