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Jim Carrey without eyes: the most violent and unpleasant scene of ‘Ace Ventura’ that was left out of the film

Jim Carrey without eyes: the most violent and unpleasant scene of 'Ace Ventura' that was left out of the film

Of all the smash comedies of the 90s, Ace Ventura: A different detective (1994) has remained one of the most unspeakable, in many ways. The film that helped launch Jim Carrey In his role as an investigator specializing in finding domestic animals, he contains scenes that may or may not be hilarious, but never fail to push the limits of good taste.

But What if ‘Ace Ventura’ had come to theaters with an even more crude and scatological humor? Even more than that parody of crying game oozing transphobia from the pores, we mean. Well, that was a possibility due to Carrey himself and the director Tom Shadyac.

As FilmStories recalls, Ace Ventura was born as a low-budget film with which Morgan Creek, an indie producer, aspired to emulate the success of Fletch and Fletch revives, the detective comedies starring in the 80s by Chevy Chase. However, Shadyac discovered that, with a whirlwind like Carrey at the helm, his best weapons were going to be improvisation and absurd humor.

Hence, many scenes shot for the film stayed in the editing room. Some, because they didn’t work as gags… and others because they would have raised the age rating of the film, ruining its appeal to the ‘family’ audience. Among them are several sex scenes, a suicide… and another that went fully into gore territory.

The scene in question has to do with that albino pigeon whom Ace chases throughout the story. During this unprecedented scene, the detective was finally able to catch the big bird… realizing at that moment that all the other volatile ones in the place have surrounded him, and are approaching him with bad intentions.

Indeed, it is a parody of Birds of Alfred Hitchcock style of Ace Ventura. And, it would be missing more, the birds pounce on the character of Jim Carrey, proceeding to make mincemeat. According to the script: “We see ten birds fly with one leg. Five birds fly with one arm. Twenty others are trying to rip the left arm off an Ace with half his face missing.”.

Jim Carrey’s unpublished scene in ‘Ace Ventura’.

Although it did not make it to the final cut, part of this scene was filmed and we have graphic testimonies of how bloody it could have been. But it would not have been the end of the tape, but only a nightmare of the protagonist after being unconscious when he crashed during a car chase.

would have been a success Ace Ventura if I had counted on these doses of blood and livers? We will never know. How consolation we have left Ace Ventura: Operation Africa, a sequel with copious amounts of bat poop and that mythical scene where Carrey emerges from the buttocks of a mechanical rhino.

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