Jigsaw is not alone: ​​all the villains of the ‘Saw’ saga, ordered

Among the unique aspects of the saga Saw includes the fact that The story was largely built on flashbacks centered on John Kramer (Tobin Bell) because, with advanced cancer, he died killed in the third installment.

The narrative has been advancing with the focus on the successors of his legacy and the revelations about the past, reinforcing the playfulness of surprises and internal connections. On the occasion of the incorporation of Saw X to the imaginary, We review who are Jigsaw’s collaborators and imitators.

Zep (Michael Emerson, in ‘Saw’)

Michael Emerson, in ‘Saw’
(Lions Gate)

He cannot be considered a continuator of Jigsaw’s plans, although he must be included for the help he provides. to Kramer as he bides his time (the dead man rising) in the game intended for Lawrence Gordon and Adam in the original film. Nurse in the hospital in which the aforementioned Gordon treats Kramer, forced collaboration (watches through the cameras and kidnaps Gordon’s wife and daughter) because Kramer has poisoned him and he needs the antidote. And to achieve this you must comply with the rules.

In this category we must also include Art (Justin Louis), Kramer’s lawyer and old partner. He survives the opening test Saw IV (it’s the man with his mouth sewn shut) but his game continues having to watch (he has a mechanism on his back) Agent Matthews and Inspector Hoffman waiting for Rigg to appear and begin the investigation. final test.

Amanda (Shawnee Smith, in ‘Saw’, ‘Saw II’, ‘Saw III’, ‘Saw VI’, ‘Saw X’)

Amanda, disturbing the doctor in 'Saw III'
Amanda, disturbing the doctor in ‘Saw III’
(Lions Gate)

The first helper/successor shown by history. He was a victim of Jigsaw in the mythical Saw sequence with the bear trap in the mouth. She managed to survive and that changed her and took Kramer as a teacher and meaning of her life, in addition to falling in love with him. In Saw II appears again as a victim and she implies that it is due to a second punishment from Jigsaw for relapsing, although Your presence is part of the background plan. This is confirmed in the film’s denouement, when he locks up Agent Matthews on the scene of the first installment.

In Saw III helps Kramer and watches, with great suspicion, the doctor chosen to perform the operation cranial (one of the most brutal things in the franchise) that can save the patient’s life. In the process she appears very upset and upset and Kramer insists that she calm down. It seems that the game focuses, in parallel, on the medical specialist and Jeff (who turns out to be her husband), although the game was really meant for Amanda.

As revealed, Kramer puts her to the test because he dislikes murderers and did not like that his traps were designed so that the victim would die even if he fought to survive and followed the rules. He gives her one last chance but Amanda finishes her off by shooting the doctor, which immediately causes Jeff to use his gun on the assistant.

The third also indicates that He was already present in the game preparations of the original work. She also appears in Saw VI. In one of the flashbacks She is seen recovered along with Kramer and Jill, her partner, and in another it is explained that Amanda shot the doctor because Hoffman was blackmailing her.

In an envelope with instructions (the one you see he receives in Saw III), the inspector warns him that if he doesn’t kill the doctor, he will tell Kramer that she accompanied the drug addict who involuntarily causes Jill to lose the baby. Due to the chronological location of the film, Amanda returns in Saw X.

Hoffman (Costas Mandylor, in ‘Saw III’, ‘Saw IV’, ‘Saw V’, ‘Saw VI’ and ‘Saw VII 3D’)

Inspector Hoffman, important in the 'Saw' sequels
Inspector Hoffman, important in the ‘Saw’ sequels
(Lions Gate)

He has a small appearance at a crime scene in Saw IIIalthough this corrupt inspector and murderer takes on narrative weight from the fourth installment. This is highlighted by the forceful opening with the autopsy to Kramer’s body and with the recording intended for him, which already suggests that he is one of theirs. Nevertheless, The fact that he appears held with Agent Matthews casts doubt on this matter. In any case, the final surprise confirms his condition of villain.

In Saw V It is told how Hoffmanwho ends up playing deadly tricks on Agent Strahm, enters Jigsaw’s orbit. He prepares a trap at his expense (that of the pendulum) to take revenge and kill the murderer of his sister, an action that greatly annoys Kramer, who rejects murderers and bad imitations. He gives him a choice and joins as a disciple according to his ‘rehabilitation’ method. In fact, It is revealed that he participated in the ‘scenography’ of Saw IIwas in the ‘hospital’ of Saw III and was even already ‘behind the scenes’ in Saw (He set up the false trail for Agent Tapp to go after Dr. Gordon).

Saw VI shows the tension between Hoffman and Jill, with the inspector pointing out that he takes control. However, Kramer never stopped trusting him, so his ex-partner, fulfilling the last will of the deceased, gives him an electric shock and places the infernal device in his mouth so that he has his particular ‘end of the game’. Then the message she hears during the autopsy takes on its true meaning…

But the inspector survives and in Saw VII 3D seeks, above all, to locate and eliminate Jillwhat you get in the resolution. What he doesn’t know is that Kramer had a wild card to take care of him.

Jill (Betsy Russell, in ‘Saw III’, ‘Saw IV’, ‘Saw V’, ‘Saw VI’ and ‘Saw VII 3D’)

Jill, in 'Saw VII 3D'
Jill, John Kramer’s wife, in ‘Saw VII 3D’
(Lions Gate)

Like Hoffman, comes out briefly in Saw III (Kramer thinks of her when it seems like she is about to die) and its story develops from Saw IV. She was Kramer’s wife. The baby loss what they expected and the drift of her husband distances them, although the emotional bond continued to be deep, as is recounted in the flashbacks of the aftermath.

Jill keeps Kramer’s secrets and follows his plans to the letter. (the trap for Hoffman, which he delivers when he is at serious risk due to the inspector’s desire for revenge). At the closing of Saw VII 3DHoffman manages to find her and, as he did with him, he puts the bear trap in his mouth. Her head explodes.

Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes, in ‘Saw’ and ‘Saw VII 3D’)

Doctor Gordon returned in 'Saw VII 3D'
Doctor Gordon returned in ‘Saw VII 3D’
(Lions Gate)

He Doctor Gordon was Jigsaw’s first major victim. As you remember, in Saw you have no choice but amputate foot with a saw to escape from a nightmare aggravated by the kidnapping of his wife and daughter and by the time limit he has to kill Adam, his fellow captive.

Many fans wondered what happened to him, if he managed to survive, a mystery cleared up. at the beginning of Saw VII 3D, where it is indicated that, after crawling due to his mutilation, the wound is cauterized and he remains unconscious. After another appearance halfway through the story (in victim therapy) His presence is resumed in the final stretch of this sequel, since This is who Kramer turns to, through Jill (the envelope), to resolve the Hoffman issue. The inspector encounters him after killing Jill when it looked like she was going to flee and emerge victorious.

In the envelope there was a recording in which Kramer tells Gordon that it is his “best asset”. At this point, it is shown how Jigsaw saves him after slaughtering him with his foot. It is revealed that he has been at his side since Kramer orchestrated what was exposed in Saw II and that it was Gordon who suggested the name of the doctor Saw III and who sends the anonymous one who upsets Hoffman by pointing out that he knows who he is.

Logan Nelson (Matt Passmore, in ‘Saw VIII’)

Coroner Logan Nelson, in 'Saw VIII'
Coroner Logan Nelson, in ‘Saw VIII’
(Lions Gate)

The traps of Saw VIII They make us think that there is an imitator behind it, although the person responsible for them is another ‘official successor’. History plays tricks with him Forensic Doctor Logan Nelson, his strange assistant and Inspector Halloran until the trap intended for the policeman reveals reality. Logan, a war veteran who suffers from trauma, It was the internship doctor who, due to a mistake (he puts the names wrong on two x-rays) inadvertently causes Kramer to discover the severity of his illness later than he should have.

As discovered in the flashbacks key, Jigsaw put him in one of the traps (the one with the buckets on his head). He is the first eliminated from the ‘gykhana’, where his face is never seen (screenwriter’s trick). However, Kramer takes pity on him, prevents him from dying and recruits him. Ultimately, she gives him a chance, and he takes it.

William Schenk (Max Minghella, in ‘Spiral. Saw’)

Max Minghella, in 'Spiral.  Saw'
Max Minghella, in ‘Spiral. Saw’
(Lions Gate)

The imitator of the list. Unrelated to Jigsaw, William is inspired by his criminal work to ‘clean up’ the corrupt police force in their own way. To do this, she manages to enter the department where Zeke (Chris Rock) works and become his new partner, his cover role. In the process he pretends that he has been murdered and skinned and then reappears to the protagonist’s bewilderment.

Moved by revengegiven that a corrupt police officer murdered his father and he witnessed it all as a child. The agent who commits the crime is the one who later falls into disgrace because Zeke betrays him, earning the enmity of everyone else. His plans include taking down Zeke’s father (Samuel L. Jackson), the police chief when the corrupt events occur.

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