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Jennifer Lopez would have liked to have empowering roles early in her career

Jennifer Lopez would have liked to have empowering roles early in her career

Since the premiere of Wall Street scammersthat made her appear in several pools to be nominated for the oscarthe race of Jennifer Lopez is going through a great time. The career of the actress and singer of 53 yearswho recently resumed his romance with Ben Affleckhas been on track since then around very popular comedies such as Marry me with Owen Wilson and an explosive wedding with Josh Duhamel (before his fall from grace, Armie Hammer), and from time to time a proposal for action. It is the case of Mother.

Mother It is directed by Niki Carothe person in charge of remake of mulanand it is one of the most anticipated premieres of Netflix for this year. It will come to the catalog this May 12, and finds Lopez playing a contract killer who has had to hide from her enemies. However, when her daughter is in danger, she will have to get out of her shelter and back into action to protect her. Lopez, interviewed in The viewhas explained how much he enjoyed filming Motherespecially in terms of its action scenes.

It was an experience “very funny”at the same time that “hardworking”. The training was demanding, although Lopez acknowledges that it was very helpful for him to be so “choreographed”. “They had to choreograph the fights as if it were a dance, which was good for me because I’m a dancer, ”explains the actress. At one point, she has recognized that she now loves having action heroine roles, but that it is still a shame that she has not been able to access roles like this before.

“I would have liked to get these kinds of roles when I was a little older, you know, nimble. AND a little younger”, admits Lopez, who on the other hand points to the “empowering” what has been participating in Mother. While shooting the film she experienced “a kind of empowerment”, “that makes me feel strong and good”. “It has been great”. An empowerment that he would have liked to have experienced much sooner.

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