Jenna Ortega’s film for Amazon Prime Video whose title is taken from a speech by Donald Trump

When Wednesday arrived November 23, 2022 to the catalog of Netflix from all over the world, including Spain, no one could expect the tremendous hit that the platform had on its hands. The series centered on the Addams’ sinister daughter, who has just fired one of the actors for sexual abuse of her, became the third most viewed fiction of history on the site streamingand changed the careers of its actors, especially the protagonist: Jenna Ortega.

The actress of Mexican descent became a real star thanks to the series and the edits of TikTok derived from it, but Ortega’s 2022 was full at work, even participating in up to five projects (including Wednesday), all of them terrifying. Thanks to them she has established herself as a queen of horror and is even earning the status of scream queen.

Jenna Ortega in ‘American Nightmare’ (2022)

In addition to the Netflix series, Jenna appeared in four horror films last year, each more successful. She had a supporting role in Sstudio 666the film created by Dave Grohl (singer of the group Foo Fighters), in addition to joining the franchise screamwhich seeks the return of one of its most famous characters, and the Ti West trilogy in x. The fourth project he was on just came to fruition. Amazon Prime Video.

‘American Nightmare’, racist terror

american nightmare It is not a typical horror film: it is not full of jumpscares or supernatural creatures. The film directed by Diego Hallivis (who co-writes the script with his brother Julio) drinks from horror with social overtones by Jordan Peele to present a production in which he denounces, even through comedy, the systematic racism of institutions Americans. The title itself gives clues about the direction the feature film may take throughout its hour and 40 minutes.

The original title of this film, which hit theaters on July 15 of last year, is American Carnage (something like ‘American Massacre’). This is not chosen at random, since that same expression was said by Donald Trump in his inauguration speech as president on January 20, 2017: “This American massacre ends here and now,” said the magnate on the steps of the Capitol.

Synopsis of ‘American Nightmare’

a governor that faces an election issues an order by which it orders arrest the children of illegal immigrants, who are ‘allowed’ care for the elderly in exchange for all legal charges being dropped. But when they arrive at the center, these young people discover that the legislator and the facility’s supervisor are in cahoots and are carrying out a terrifying conspiracy at the same time depraved.

Cast and where to see ‘American Nightmare’

The film does not star Jenna Ortega, but rather Jorge Lendeborgh Jr. (Jason in the trilogy Spiderman by Tom Holland). He is accompanied by the actress herself Wednesday, Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy, Euphoria), Allen Maldonado (Power Project2020) and Brett Cullen (Falcon Crest), among others. The film arrived last August to Amazon Prime Video and can be viewed without any additional subscription.

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