Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi would be the ideal couple for a ‘Twilight’ reboot, according to its director

Just over a decade has passed since the premiere of Dawn Part 2the fifth installment of the saga Twilight that conquered millions of viewers around the world in the film adaptations of the novels by Stephanie Meyer. A franchise that was the most lucrative, grossing more than $3.4 billion in theaters alone. He also catapulted to fame his then unknown and young protagonistsKristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson playing the seductive vampire Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner to the no less handsome werewolf Jacob Black.

And, from time to time, Twilight is in the news again because the intention to continue the saga in some way is still in the air, most likely through a television series that could be a rebootbut also some sequel, reboot or spin-off. A project still in a very incipient phasebut in which the producers are already involved Wyck Godfreypresent in all five films of the saga, and Erik Feigco-president of Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation, the company that currently owns the rights to Meyer’s literary saga.

Given the rumors and news that have arisen regarding this possibility, it is not surprising that Catherine Hardwickethe director of the first of the films, back in 2008, asked her which They would be the ideal Bella and Edward for her. replacing Stewart and Pattinson. And, in an intervention on the Watch-a-long podcast, the filmmaker was very clear about what her choice would be: Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi.

For Hardwicke, the actress Scream VI and the series Wednesday “it would be perfect”. He also added that “I think there are extraordinary actors today. Jenna Ortega would be wonderful“. While about the actor My first kiss and the Serie Euphoriaor of Priscilla and Saltburnboth soon to be released in Spain, assured that “It’s amazing. Today it would probably be Edward“.

So no young actors who are still anonymous to the general public. Catherine Hardwicke I would bet on two already (re)known faces and of undoubted pull with which to attract both fans of Meyer’s books and films as well as a new generation of viewers.

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