Jeffrey Dahmer: know the real case that inspired the series

The miniseries has arrived in the Netflix catalog Dahmer: The American Cannibalproduction that tells the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, guilty of murders over 17 years.

Created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story and glee), the series stars Evan Peters and features Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, Michael Learned, Penelope Ann Miller & Dyllón Burnside in the cast.

The ten episodes of the series arrived yesterday (21) on Netflix and have an indicative rating of 18 years, as it has explicit scenes of violence, child sexual abuse, among others. But what is the story behind the series anyway?


Learn about the American Cannibal

Jeffrey Dahmer became known for his macabre crimes involving necrophilia, murder, rape and cannibalism, committed between the 1970s and 90s.

Sentenced to life in prison, Dahmer was responsible for the murder of 17 people in the state of Wisconsin, in the United States.

He claimed his first victim in the late 1970s, days after his high school graduation. In the case, he offered help to a man hitchhiking on the road, took him to his home and strangled him to death.

He returned to killing nine years later and went on to actively seek out his victims. The “search” took place mainly in LGBT bars in the city. After killing his victims, Dahmer would sexually violate them (a practice considered necrophilia), photograph and dissect the bodies. That done, he kept the “meat” in formaldehyde to consume later. In 1994, he was killed in prison by another inmate.

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