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Javier Bardem messes it up at the presentation of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in Madrid: “Long live the Republic!”

Javier Bardem messes it up at the presentation of 'The Little Mermaid' in Madrid:

Shouting “Long live the Republic”, Javier Bardem presented this Thursday in Madrid the new live action adaptation of The little Mermaid from Disney, that will be released in theaters on May 26 and in which he gives life to the King Triton.

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During the posing before the cameras at the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid, the photojournalists asked Bardem for “a kingly gesture”, to which the actor, winner of an Oscar for No country for old men (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2007) responded that “that only in the movies”.

Before retiring, he said goodbye to the journalists launching with humor the proclamation “long live the Republic!”. A few words that have spread like wildfire through social networks, dividing Internet users in the face of such a joke.

Will ‘The Little Mermaid’ get a good collection?

Directed by Rob Marshall, the new version of the Disney animated classic inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen It is presented as the story of a young mermaid thirsty for adventure and misunderstood by her father, who tries to keep her in the underwater world.

At the time, this film caused a huge controversy due to the choice of a black actress, Halle Bailey. A very different image from the snowy look that viewers have in mind from Disney’s animated classic. However, the first reactions indicated that, without a doubt, the actress and singer is the best of the new adaptation.

The live action remakes from animated classics are a gold mine for Disney. With exceptions like pinocchio either The Lady and the Tramp (which ended up on Disney+), the House of Mouse has placed immense trust in them, and after the blockbusters of The Lion King, aladdin either Beauty and the Beast it is not for less. Even without the critical applause, the public usually flocks to these nostalgic parties, which could repeat success now with The little Mermaid.

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