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Jaspion: 5 fun facts about the classic series that you might not know

O her贸i Jaspion e sua armadura rob贸tica

A Japanese hero, wearing shiny armor and fighting villains. These days, that description may sound generic, but that “normality” much is due to the success of a specific warrior: Jaspion馃嚙馃嚪

The Japanese series O Fant谩stico Jaspion was an absolute success in Brazil in the late 1980s, on the late TV Manchete.

If you didn’t experience this fever, get ready to learn a little about this television icon!


The hero Jaspion and his robotic armorSource: Toei Company

5- Who is Jaspion?

Known in Japan as Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion, the series tells the story of a little human boy who survived the crash of a spaceship on the planet Edin. In the accident, the little one lost his parents, but was adopted by the prophet Edin, who calls him Jaspion.


When he grows up, Jaspion understands his mission in the fight against evil and receives equipment from his adoptive father to help him on his way.

Meaning of the name Jaspion has a curious meaningMeaning of the name Jaspion has a curious meaningSource: Toei Company

4- What does “Jaspion” mean?

The name is not only different, but unpublished until the launch of the series. This is because he was created entirely from scratch for the show.

According to producer Susumu Yoshikawa, the original name is written “Juspion” and is the combination of the words “justice” (justice in English) and “champion” (champion in English), which would give the meaning of “Champion of Justice”.

But a curious fact is that the word “justice” said with a Japanese accent ends up having a “jastice” sound. Therefore, the final name became Jaspion.

Jaspion's ship turned into a giant robotJaspion’s ship turned into a giant robotSource: Toei Company

3- What are Jaspion’s equipment and mission?

The equipment that the prophet and Jaspion’s adoptive father gives him are a metaltex armor, made of the most resistant material in the world, the android Anri, who becomes a companion in Jaspion’s endeavors and a spaceship called Daileon, which can become a giant robot.

The mission that Jaspion and his friends seek to complete is to find the fragments of the Galactic Bible, which were lost in the universe after the planet Edin was destroyed. In addition, they also want to defeat and destroy Satan Goss, which is the evil empire.

Jaspion was a big hit in the 80'sJaspion was a big hit in the 80’sSource: Toei Company

2- How many episodes does Jaspion have?

Altogether, 46 episodes were produced馃嚙馃嚪 The first premiered on Japanese TV on March 5, 1985 and ended just over a year later, on March 24, 1986.

The series only gained popularity in Brazil in 1988, with broadcasts by TV Manchete on the Clube da Crian莽a program, presented by Ang茅lica.

Jaspion was created by the Toei CompanyJaspion was created by the Toei CompanySource: Toei Company

1- Who is the creator of the Jaspion series?

For anime fans, the name responsible for this TV hit will not be unfamiliar: Toei Company. The company was also responsible for Knights of the Zodiac.

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