Jason Momoa resonates on the internet after ‘strip-tease’ on TV; check out

Jason Momoa was among the most talked about topics on Twitter this morning (10) after his participation in Jimmy Kimmel’s show last Wednesday (9). But the reason was unusual.


That’s because the actor wore a typical Hawaiian costume, called malo, which consists of a very tight thong, ‘showing the butt’. He decided to go with the costume after his photo in the same outfit went viral on social media in October.

According to Momoa, he wore the costume for his new series Chief of War and should be your default outfit in production. “I was just getting ready for the role because I like getting into character. So I was just tanning my white butt.”

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When asked if he was wearing the malo at that moment, he responded positively and soon got up and took off his clothes on stage. Watch the scene:


As expected, the video of the actor reverberated on social media. Check out fan reactions:

Currently, Jason Momoa is promoting his Netflix movie, land of dreams🇧🇷 The plot follows a fearless young orphan who embarks on a journey through the land of dreams to find a magical pearl and fulfill her greatest wish. Production opens on November 18.

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