James Wan Points Out a Very Annoying Trend in Current Trailers (And He’s Absolutely Right)

You’ve probably noticed. Nowadays, every time the trailer for a blockbuster, at the beginning you have to see a few seconds that summarize at full speed (with a disconcerting and very fast montage) what you are going to see throughout the trailer. It is basically, the trailer of a trailer, and the studios place it in the general trailer as a strategy to quickly retain attention. Perhaps assuming that there are those who can find a trailer boring today. Weird, but minimally reasonable.

Then there is another variable, and it is the one you have experienced Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It is a sequel to Aquaman that has taken an indescribable amount of time to come to fruition. The pandemic crisis delayed production, while the film was marked by the media trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (one of his actresses, who would have seen her prominence drastically diminished), as reshoots that they removed and replaced the Batman Ben Afflecklike in general a DC that has a very painful streak of failures. Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Flash and finally Blue Beetle.

Since after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a new stage would begin, led by James Gunn and Peter Safranthere are those who speculate that Warner has given up for dead Aquaman 2 (despite the fact that the original film grossed 1 billion dollars) and wants to get rid of it without regrets. Hence, parallel to the fact that the major tried to delay the premiere once again (now due to the strike of SAG-AFTRAwhich would prevent its stars from promoting the film), it was seen as suspicious that there are barely three months left until Christmas (that is, for the premiere of Aquaman 2) and we still wouldn’t have seen any trailer.

Warner wanted to allay these fears with the release of a trailer earlier in the week. However, it was not a trailer per se. Not even a teaserbecause we usually consider as teaser advances designed for this purpose, conceived in themselves as teasers. This advance of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomhowever, it was more like that prologue for the trailers we were talking about, because apart from chaotically putting together several spectacular shots, it referred us to a definitive trailer that would appear in four days.

That is, today Thursday. It is not a new strategy (perhaps Prometheus of Ridley Scott He inaugurated it more than ten years ago), but it has allowed the joke to spread. And the funny thing is that he himself James Wandirector of Aquaman 2, has joined him. The filmmaker echoed the aforementioned trailer (which barely lasts 30 seconds and let see Jason Momoa on a big seahorse) on his Instagram profile, and a follower told him: “Lol, is this a fucking trailer of a trailer?” To which Wan responded by laughing and saying “I know, it’s hilarious”.

Ni Wan can take seriously the anxiety that trailers have these days to retain the attention of the public. It may also be that, after the hell that has been ending Aquaman 2, is back from everything and wants to laugh at the situation himself. He has our full support.

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