The premiere of Avatar: The Sense of Watera huge blockbuster that overcame the skeptics and also did so in a crazy variety of formats. James Cameroneager to revolutionize the cinema once more, calibrated a multitude of variables regarding the exhibition of his film, paying special attention to the rate of frames per second. As a result, avatar 2 was marketed with a whopping 1056 versions throughout the cinemas of the world.

It was, of course, a record. One that James Gunn He had no interest in overcoming, but he has ended up getting closer. According to hollywood reporter, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 (premiered last May 4th in Spain) has been distributed to cinemas in up to 600 versions different. Some of them include the versions dubbed into the language of each market, but most refer to the format specifications. Among the variations of rate and 3DGunn has broken a record within Marvel, where the usual are 500 versions of each premiere.

Is “the most complex launch that Marvel has never done”, declares the executive evan jacobs. “The goal was to give every exhibitor in most international territories the option to maximize the size of their screen for the public. Wherever you go to see her you will have the best version”, he maintains. In his day, Gunn similarly experimented with earlier volumes of Guardians of the Galaxybut in this case it has not been afraid to alternate the format even within the same copy.

The most extended version of guardians of the galaxy 3intended for traditional cinemas and some theaters with Dolby Cinemahas 45 minutes with a ratio of 1.85 and the rest of its two and a half hours in a more panoramic format, 2.39. Gunn specifically shot it this way, but also invested in a variable format for 3D theaters with his versions. IMAX.

It has been a highly complex operation, in fact, which, however, is difficult for viewers to appreciate since its fundamental objective was to adapt to the characteristics of the various movie theaters. Gunn wants us to enjoy his latest Marvel movie without any hiccups, having been inspired to do so by James Cameron and his epic efforts with avatar 2.

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