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James Cameron continues with ‘Terminator’: he is already writing a new script inspired by advances in AI

James Cameron continues with 'Terminator': he is already writing a new script inspired by advances in AI

Or how busy you have been, and must be, with the laborious aftermath of Avatar they can with a James Cameron who seems to take time from anywhere. And it is that, according to some statements that the same filmmaker has released during a conference at Dell Technologies World 2023, for three months he has already started preparing a script to continue with the Terminator saga. A story that would be, let’s say, inspired by real advances in Artificial Intelligence and valuing the achievements and doubts that it generates with the data that we have today.

Despite this, Cameron also wanted to make it clear that surely, if he were to finish the script and it became a movie, it could still be a long time because at the moment It is still waiting for the new information that is coming to us about the evolution of AI.

The news, which has been echoed by several North American media, has been spread by one of the Twitter users, Rod Marketthrough his account on social networks.

We will have to wait, if Cameron continues with his idea, for more details, but at least there are two that can be given almost certainly. One is that the franchise that began in 1984, as a modest science fiction and action production, will no longer have Schwarzenegger. In a recent interview in mid-May for The Hollywood Reporter, the actor assured that he considered his participation in the saga ended (and more after the icy reception that the public gave him in his last foray, dark fate in 2019). “I got a loud and clear message that the world wants different themes if it comes to sticking with Terminator”.

The other question, taking into account that the franchise went from more to less from the spectacular Terminator 2: Judgment Day of 1991, and that subsequent attempts at sequels or reboots, be called dark fate, Terminator Salvation (2009) or terminator genesis (2015), they must present concepts and stories innovative and attractive, groundbreaking, Looking ahead to a possible new movie. In fact, Cameron himself already gave some clue at the end of last year. If there were another film, “I would make it much more towards the side of Artificial Intelligence than bad robots that go crazy”.

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