Kike Maillofilmmaker known for films like Bull (2016) and EVE (2011), with which he won the Goya for best new director, he is currently shooting a film about the group in Barcelona locomia starring Jaime Lorente (The Money Heist) and Alberto Ammann (Cell 211), among others.

He filming started in Barcelona on May 18 and it will last for seven weeks, between the Catalan capital and its surroundings, as well as Tenerife, according to what the production company Nadie es perfecto reported on Tuesday in a statement.

The cast is completed with Alejandro Speitzer, Iván Pellicer, Pol Granch, Javier Morgade, Albert Baró, Gonzalo Ramírez, Eva Llorach and Blanca Suárez.

It will be a film “about music, glamour, family, ambition and betrayal set in the 80s” that will address “the ins and outs of club culture, the golden age of record companies, the night of the Madrid scene, the fan phenomenon and the explosion of Latin music in Miami”.

Jaime Lorente as Xavier Font

Locomía was an electropop group founded by brothers Xavier and Luis Font in the mid-80s. together with Manuel Arjona and Gard Passchier, based in Ibiza and who achieved great popularity in the late 80s and early 90s, with a highly recognizable aesthetic and choreography with fans.

His convulsive story was narrated in a documentary series released last year on Movistar+ and now he is making the leap to fiction.

The synopsis reveals that Lorente gives life to Xavi Font who arrived in Ibiza with a group of friends in the mid-80s, pursuing his dream of dedicating himself to fashion.

There he discovers them the producer José Luis Gil (Alberto Ammann), a music industry mogul looking for new talent to launch a group. Without having any idea of ​​singing, the group begins a career that takes them from living as hippies in Ibiza, to filling stadiums in Latin America and revolutionizing nightclubs around the world.

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