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Jackie Chan’s best films: see TecMundo’s nominations

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At almost 70 years of age, Jackie Chan is one of the most memorable actors when it comes to martial arts movies. Quite popular in Brazil, the star has even participated in a Shopee campaign aired in the country.

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After releasing lines considered controversial involving friend Michelle Yeoh and the film Everything in Everywhere at the Same Time, the Chinese actor was confirmed in another feature film. Later this year, Jackie Chan will voice Master Splinter in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animation.

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For those who are not familiar with the actor’s long career or want to have a little nostalgia, the TecMundo team made a list of nominations with Jackie Chan films. Check it out below and good marathon!

The Legend of the Invincible Master

  • Where to watch: NetMovies (free)

The Legend of the Invincible Master is from the roots phase of Jackie Chan. The film is almost a reboot because it has little connection to the Invincible Master. The motto is incredible: Jackie Chan is a bit of a messed up guy who has the power of kung fu awakened when he drinks! And he needs to use that to bring honor back to his family, while his father is dying of shame about it. It has the classic fights, lots of interaction with environments and even fighters on fire! It can’t be better! — Renan Hamman, editor-in-chief of TecMundo.

Hit or run

Hit or Run: Synopsis, trailer and cast of the Saturday Session movie

  • Where to watch: Star+

To be perfectly honest, I saw Crash or Run so long ago that I don’t remember much about the movie itself. But, let’s agree, it’s a movie with Uncle Chan and Owen Wilson, which is already worth watching. Not enough, they cast Lucy Liu in one of the main roles; that is, simply just success. — Wellington Arruda, editor of TecMundo.

Three Thieves and a Baby

Watch Movie Three Thieves and a Baby - Online Dubbed and Subtitled

  • Where to watch: Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

I’m not a big fan of action movies, those full of explosions and a lot of beatings, but Three Thieves and a Baby, manages to have the classic elements of films of the genre, while also providing good laughs. For those who like stories in the afternoon session style or to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this movie is undoubtedly a great option. — Ariane Reis, SEO content editor

The Two Billion Dollar Suit

The Two Billion Dollar Suit (2002) - Netflix Brazil |  flixboss

  • Where to watch: Globoplay/Telecine

A plot beyond unusual, good humor and beating. In addition to presenting the classic combination for a good action movie, “The Two Billion Dollar Suit” (2002) also innovates by betting on a special suit that guarantees special abilities to its user, Jimmy Tong, the protagonist played by Jackie Chan. .

Through this narrative resource, the production of the feature hyperbolizes Chan’s already impressive acrobatics, which contribute positively to the science fiction and espionage plot. To complete the package, the film also promises reflections on the importance of family and friendship, making it a good alternative to watch in a group. — Adriano Camacho, writing assistant.

Rush hour

7 must-see Jackie Chan movies

  • Where to watch: HBO Max

For those who miss the slapstick comedies of the late 90s and early 2000s, Rush Hour is a full plate. The comic hook of the film is the character of Jack Chan, in one of his best comedy roles, dealing with western culture, while the character played by Chris Tucker tries to help his “partner” from China.The kind of action humor that involves various stunts is still a lot of fun to consume today, especially in the first film in the franchise. — Vinicius Munhoz, editor of Voxel.

police story

‎Police Story (1985) directed by Jackie Chan • Reviews, film + cast ...

  • Where to watch: Prime Video

If you enjoy detective stories and a lot of beatings, Jackie Chan has an entire franchise for you: Police Story, with almost 10 films, the series features police narratives and many iconic fights, including some of the most striking moments in the actor’s career. In addition, we also have the partnership between the star and Michelle Yeoh, who is in Supercop.

If you want to start watching without breaking the bank, the first feature in the series can be watched on Prime Video, which has a 30-day free trial, while Police Story 2: Codename Radical is available for free on NetMovies. — Matthew Mognon, assistant editor.

Honorable Mention: The Adventures of Jackie Chan

(Source: Sony/Disclosure)

  • Where to watch: Pluto TV (free)

“Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao”. Those who watched the animation certainly remember this mantra. Maybe not exactly in these words, but remember. The cartoon from the 2000s was shown by the late TV Globinho and marked the memory of many people who are in their “almost 30” and “30 something”.

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Jackie Chan was executive producer and also the protagonist of the story, even receiving several tributes and references to his career during the episodes. For those who would like to catch up on nostalgia, The Adventures of Jackie Chan is available for free on Pluto TV. — Carlos Palmeira, editor.

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