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Jackie Chan almost starred in All and Everywhere at Once

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During an interview with CNN last Friday (3), Michelle Yeoh revealed that her role was originally written as male. The idea was that Everything Everywhere at the Same Time was starring Jackie Chan, with the Oscar-nominated actress giving life to the wife of the main character.

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However, the actor turned down the job due to schedule unavailability. So, directors and screenwriters Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, rewrote the script with the character Evelyn taking the lead of the narrative.

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Although it is not possible to know what the repercussion of the film with Chan in the lead role would be, the choice of changing characters was more than accurate. Proof of this is not only Yeoh’s nomination for Best Actress at this year’s Oscars, but also all the other 10 nominations that the feature received at the awards.

(Source: A24/Disclosure)Source: A24

Yeoh and Chan’s Friendship

In the same conversation she had with the CNN reporter, the actress spoke about the message she received from the artist after watching the film: “The roles were completely reversed. I remember Jackie texted me saying ‘Congratulations! You know your boys came to me first’. And I was like, ‘Thanks man, you did me a big favor.’

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The message was sent jokingly by Jackie Chan, as he and Yeoh have a long-standing friendship. They starred together in the movie Supercop: Lightning Fury in 1992.

 Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh in Supercop: Lightning Fury.  (Source: Miramax/Disclosure) Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh in Supercop: Lightning Fury. (Source: Miramax/Disclosure)Source: Miramax

Furthermore, both of them are some of the biggest representatives of Chinese actors in Hollywood. The duo’s work in the industry has opened many doors for new generation Asian artists.

So, would you like to have seen Jackie Chan in the movie?

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