iWoman App: Download the best Period tracking apps for iOS (Currently free)

You can currently download one of the best period tracking apps for iOS for free. The iWoman app took 129th place in the “Health and Fitness” category and was rated with 4.2 stars. You normally pay 2.29 euros for the download on your iPhone or iPad.

  • iWoman -Period tracker is currently free for iOS
  • App takes 129th place in the “Health & Fitness” category
  • The app rated with 4.2 stars costs 2.29 euros

We usually feature mobile games or … well, note-taking apps in our free apps! Today’s download can be beneficial for your health. Because the iWoman app is a Period tracker and revives place 129 in the category “Health & Fitness”.

If you do not know the term “Cycle tracker” or “Period tracker”: this of course refers to the female cycle. The app is there to track female periods and to record information such as the basal temperature. In addition, you can enrich the calendar with other events and information. iWoman then not only offers you an overview but can also predict your ovulation.

Cycle tracking app with 4.2 stars

The app is being developed by Stefan Eipeltauer or his team. Because the Austrian-based development team at yaaFamily Media develops many apps on the subject of women’s health and pregnancy. The application is quite popular in the AppStore and, as already mentioned, it ranks 129th in the “Health and Fitness” category. IWoman is praised above all for its stylish design and ease of use. Negative points I could find the too high price and problems with data entry.

iWoman period tracking apps
iWoman convinces with a tidy design. / © yaaFamily Media


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The privacy policy of this cycle tracking app looks promising. Allegedly, usage data is only collected for analysis purposes. In addition, it is expressly pointed out that users can revoke their consent to data processing at any time. Experience has shown that many users of health apps have concerns when the data goes to a developer abroad. You may have found a new cycle tracker with iWoman!

What do you think of the app? Do you have experience with iWoman or other Period tracking apps? Let me know in the comments!

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