‘I’ve gone viral’: trailer, release date and synopsis of the new comedy by Blanca Suárez

Blanca Suarez is back with a new comedy. This time, the actress gets into the skin of a woman who accidentally goes viral after discovering in mid-flight that her husband has been cheating on her.

Based on true events (no matter how surprising it may seem), the new film by Jorge Coira It will continue the drama of having become a viral meme on social networks for the protagonist after experiencing such a painful situation. Next, we tell you everything we know about the fall comedy.

‘I’ve gone viral’: trailer

The first trailer is here I’ve gone viralin which we see Blanca Suárez in the role of Mabel going “crazy” on a plane.

‘I’ve gone viral’: release date

The new comedy by Blanca Suárez opens in theaters next October 11th.

‘I’ve gone viral’: synopsis

“Incredibly inspired by real events”, the new comedy by Blanca Suárez follows Mabel, a normal girl with hardly any followers on her social networks who suddenly has to face the fact that she has become an internet trend. And not for a good reason.

During a flight to Polynesia to enjoy her vacation, Mabel unlocks her husband’s cell phone and discovers that he is cheating on her, which triggers a fight in mid-flight that ends up unleashing a panic on the plane and forcing a crash landing. emergency.

Upon returning to Madrid, Mabel discovers that someone has recorded her attack of rage and has made it go viral. Her life will change forever when the whole world begins to know her as #lalocadelavion.

‘I’ve gone viral’: cast

TO Blanca Suarezwho plays Mabel, joins him Enric Auquer, Nicolás Furtado, Miguel Rellán, Daniel Fez, Cristina Gallego and Hope Savedamong others, to bring to the screen this story about the dangers of going viral on social networks.

‘I’ve gone viral’: director

Jorge Coira directs this comedy with a script by Araceli Gonda, who wrote the story inspired by a real event published in the press. Coira began his professional career at the end of the 90s as a short filmmaker until, in 2004, he made the leap to feature films with the year of the tick.

Among his filmography we find the films 18 meals (2010), for which he received numerous awards, Eroski Paradise (2019), co-directed with Jesus Ron and Emperor Code (2022), with which he opened the Malaga Festival that same year. In 2016, she won the Goya for Best Editing for The unknownof dani de la torre.

Coira has also worked on television directing hits like Iron and rapa of Movistar Plus+. He has also directed series for TVG such as Terra de Miranda, As leis de Celavella, Father Casares either luci.

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