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Ivacy VPN heavily discounted: Perfect VPN for streaming fans with a 90 percent discount

Ivacy VPN price, buy Ivacy VPN

Did you know that you can look at the streaming catalogs of distant countries with a VPN provider? The VPN provider Ivacy VPN has made this ingenious function particularly intuitive because it offers a dedicated streaming mode. Since the subscription is currently much cheaper, Tech Markup will introduce you to Ivacy VPN in more detail.

With a VPN provider, you not only surf anonymously and securely, you can also bypass country blocks and watch additional films on Netflix! Because providers like Ivacy VPN make the servers of video streaming services believe that you want to access the films from the USA, Canada, or other countries. Since the catalogs differ from country to country for licensing reasons, you can get a lot more out of the streaming subscription.

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This works particularly well with Ivacy VPN and for two reasons: On the one hand, the speed is sufficiently high even when you connect to servers that are far away. And on the other hand, Ivacy VPN offers its own streaming mode, which makes calling up the remote catalogs particularly intuitive and secure. But let’s first clarify what a VPN is.

Why We Should All Use VPNs

The acronym VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and describes particularly secure and anonymous Internet connections. Because your device does not route your connection to the desired address via the DNS server of the network operator. Instead, you take a detour via a server of the respective VPN provider. Since the connection is encrypted and your IP address remains secret, the contacted website cannot find out your identity.


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Ivacy VPN Android
This is what the Ivacy Android app looks like. / © Ivacy / Screenshots: NextPit

VPNs are therefore one of the best ways to be anonymous and safe on the Internet. There are also other advantages that can be achieved through VPN connections. For example, have you ever seen a video on YouTube that is “not available in your country”? Then you can still watch it with VPN connections. As already mentioned, you can also access the streaming catalogs of other countries in this way.

Ivacy VPN with its own streaming mode

Ivacy VPN offers its own mode precisely for this application. In the app of the VPN provider or in the browser plug-in you will find a streaming mode via which your provider such as HBO Now, Hulu, or Netflix can be reached. To do this, select the country you want and log in with your user account. You can then discover films and series that you cannot access from Germany.

Ivacy VPN Chrome
In Chrome, you can easily activate the streaming mode using a plug-in. / © Ivacy

Aside from streaming mode, Ivacy VPN offers you access to 1,000 servers in over 100 countries. A particularly secure AES encryption with tough 256-bit keys is used. It sounds complicated, but everything is taken over by the apps and software solutions from Icacy VPN. The service shines with particularly large platform support:

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Ivacy VPN supports these devices and browsers

  • Windows 10
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Ege
  • Android TV
  • Kodi
  • Amazon FireTV Stick
  • WLAN router
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Huawei App Gallery

Your Ivacy VPN uses up to 10 devices at the same time at the high speeds that distinguish the provider. Ivacy won the ProPrivacy Awards in the “Speed” category. For VPN rabbits there is also security that many providers lack: Ivacy VPN does not record any logs of your connections, so your connections remain secret in any case.


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Secure Ivacy VPN with a discount of up to 90 percent

Ivacy VPN’s premium subscription is currently available for just 90 cents a month. You pay a total of just € 54 to be able to use the provider in full for five years. This includes all the advantages that we have mentioned above and a whopping 2 terabytes of storage space in encrypted cloud storage.

Ivacy VPN prices DE
The costs of Ivacy VPN at a glance. / © Ivacy / Screenshots: NextPit

While you get a high discount of 90 percent with this offer, there is also a monthly and an annual plan. You will be charged 8.99 euros per month. In the annual plan, the price drops to € 2.95 and you pay € 35.51 in one fell swoop. The payment options available are credit cards, PayPal and Bitpay.

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