Home Entertainment It’s ‘official’: Steve Rogers was right all along in the MCU

It’s ‘official’: Steve Rogers was right all along in the MCU

It's 'official': Steve Rogers was right all along in the MCU

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead!!

When Captain America: Civil War hit theaters and put the Avengers against each other in teams led by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), fans went wild and were quite divided. After all, who was right? Tony, who supported the Sokovia Treaty; or Steve, who defended the freedom of superheroes?

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Although on the big screen the clash was on a smaller scale than in the comics, even more so with the absence of Thor and Hulk, its consequences impacted the plot of the entire MCU. The Treaty came into effect and the members of Captain America’s group were considered outlaws, but looks like Marvel ended up quietly confirming that Steve Rogers was right from the start.

What happened to the Sokovia Treaty?


Back in 2016, when Civil War hit the big screen, we were introduced to the Sokovia Treaty, a document created after the Avengers’ actions had caused much destruction in their previous missions.

It turns out that the heroes acted in defense of the population and, if they weren’t there, the damage would be even greater. But the treaty didn’t seem to take that into account, and with Tony in favor of the document, Steve took the opposite view.


After the events of the third Captain America film, little was said about the agreement imposed on the characters in the other MCU productions, leaving everyone curious about the subject. Is the Sokovia Treaty still in effect? Now, six years after its first mention in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we finally have an answer.

Captain America was right

Even though characters like Ms. While Marvel and Spider-Man had to face the Damage Control people, the institution never seemed to have the power to stop them from performing their heroic deeds.


On the contrary: even with the identity of Peter Parker revealed to the public, for example, the boy was not stopped or prevented from jumping and hanging from the buildings of New York. This was already an indication that the law supported by Tony Stark was not really in force.

To end the discussion, albeit in a very timid way, Marvel confirmed the victory of Steve Rogers in the recent series She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes. In one of the episodes, Matt Murdock — our eternal Daredevil — made a special appearance and confirmed during a trial that the Sokovia Treaty had been overthrown.

Is it or isn’t that confirmation enough that Captain America was right all along?

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