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It’s Not Magic: Why Rebooting Devices Always Works

As if it were magic restarting a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet can help resolve operating system issues. Although it cannot replace the work of a technician, it is an effective and almost infallible method.


There has been so much insistence on restarting an electronic device for it to work properly, that there are those who consider this solution to be a myth. And you can’t blame them, because how can turning something on and off solve a technical problem?

For that doubt there is an explanation that details why such a simple action can solve problems of electronic devices. This is mainly because there is a wide range of errors that originate in the software and not in the hardware.


Thanks to the fact that many of the faults originate in the “soft” part of the gadget, they can be corrected with a restart. Some of these failures occur without the user being aware of it. It should be remembered that the software acts as an intermediary between the hardware and the user.

For example, in the case of a PC, there are several processes and applications that open and close, however, even if in some cases a program is closed, there are threads that continue to occupy space in memory and after some time the RAM is overloaded. These processes can sometimes conflict with others, producing mistakes for no obvious reason since they are not always evidenced in a message sent by the system.


Then the reboot takes care of cleaning up any pending errors and getting everything back to normal. When it is turned off and on again, the code is re-executed from scratch. Do not forget that if there is a critical failure, it will be necessary to review the hardware.

Some of the common cases that a reset resolves issues are:

Slow OS: It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows, iOS, Android, or any other operating system, if your device starts running slow when it normally doesn’t, it’s probably because a program is using too much memory and could be solved by managing the tasks. In case you don’t know how to do it, it’s best to just restart your device.

Internet problems: This can be quite annoying, since nowadays, to do almost anything, you need to have a stable Internet connection. One way to fix the problem is to reset the modem and the device.


The browser is using all memory: It is common for this problem to occur and be fixed by restarting, as the loaded tabs could be demanding a lot of memory. It should be noted that it can not only be the browser but a program that is being used at the moment, in any case it is fixed using the same method.

Do not forget that to restart you must follow the appropriate steps and rule out directly pressing the power button. According to hardzonee, when the system is shut down properly the machine performs several processes that are necessary for the correct operation of the reboot. Turning off the device with the button and not through the steps provided by the system allows temporary files to remain undeleted.

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