This cannes film festival which has just finished was visited by Quentin Tarantinowhich sponsored a screening of The ex-prisoner of Korea (one of his favorite movies) as well as starring in an act and sharing with the media new details of what would be his last job as a director: The Movie Critic. Tarantino confirmed that the movie critic of the title would not be someone inspired by Pauline Kaelas originally speculated, but a somewhat unknown film critic who wrote in a porn magazine that he read in his youth.

Tarantino was also able to reflect on the state of the industry, according to Deadline, and how this could well have advised him to withdraw to dedicate himself to writing. “I like the idea of ​​retiring at the top. I like the idea of ​​giving everything for 30 years and saying ‘okay, that’s enough’”, explained the director. “I don’t like working with diminishing returns. Now is a good time because what is a movie anymore? Something they put on Apple? That would be a diminishing return.”

The filmmaker took the opportunity to attack the streamingsaying that he will make his last film with sony (just like he directed once upon a time in hollywood with this major) due to his commitment to traditional display. “I’ll probably do it with Sony because it’s the last studio that is absolutely and totally committed to film. You are not obsessed with feeding your network streaming. They are committed to the theatrical experience. They judge success by the seats filled.”

“And they judge success by the films that enter the zeitgeistnot just for making a big, expensive movie and then putting it on your platform streaming. Nobody even knows that he is there. Tarantino’s big problem with the streaming It points to being, in this sense, the limited capacity of its production to appear in prolonged debates over time. Take the example then of the association of ryan reynolds with Netflix, which has borne fruit in Red alert and the adam project. Both having had a large audience, it is assumed.

But Tarantino wonders what is the trace they have left. “Apparently for Netflix Ryan Reynolds has made 50 million dollars on this movie, and $50 million on that movie, and $50 million on the next movie for them. I don’t know what movies they are. I have never seen them. Have you seen them? I’ve never spoken to Ryan Reynolds’ agent, but his agent says ‘well, it cost 50 million dollars‘. Well, good for him that he’s making so much money. But those films are not in the spirit of the times. It’s almost like they don’t exist.”

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