It’s about time: Marvel Studios launches its ‘X-Men’ movie

The situation is similar to what happened in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. The global lockdown had led to the closure of cinemas, so the majors Hollywood had to delay their most ambitious releases. As a result, as the measures were relaxed and new releases could flow, there was a surplus of films, and the billboards could not cope. With the writers’ strike that has just ended (the same has not yet happened with the interpreters’ strike), premieres have also been delayed, but above all, productions have been paralyzed and now, all at once, they want to return to work.

The result is a logistical nightmare in terms of choosing locations to shoot, but from another less complicated angle we have the fact that hollywood He wants to rush to get some project or another out of limbo. This is what has happened in Marvel Studiosaccording to deadline: the directive Kevin Feige He is already organizing meetings with trusted scriptwriters to materialize a project that has been wandering around the offices for about four years. Specifically since disney would acquire 20th Century Fox in 2019and the Marvel universe had the option to incorporate more characters.

We talk about the X Men. X Men It was Fox’s superhero saga for decades, but as a result of this acquisition nothing prevented them from nourishing Disney’s extensive catalog of licenses. Now that the writers’ strike has ended, Marvel Studios wants to make a movie with the mutants once and for all, in line with the efforts it is investing to do the same with The Fantastic Four (other IP which he has been able to use recently). But it seems that we are going to be patient: in the calendar of the Phases 5 and 6 that will lead to the end of the Multiverse Saga there is a movie scheduled The Fantastic Four (even without hired actors), but none of X Men.

In fact, the film that would conclude this continuity is Avengers: Secret Wars, and this would not arrive until May 7, 2027 (if it is not delayed). That is to say, we speak with a margin of another four years, without this meaning that the X-Men cannot make an appearance in the meantime. In reality this is what has already happened: gradually, the MCU has been counting on some of these characters under the protection of Fox (now 20th Century Studios). For example in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnesswhere he reappeared Patrick Stewart like Professor X, and with the return of Hugh Jackman like Wolverine to Deadpool 3. Another film that will soon return to work, scheduled for May 3, 2024.

It is understood, however, that the X-Men in this future film would be new versions of the characters we know. Which is not going to contribute, precisely, to speeding up the process.

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