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It’s a fact: Facebook lets you share Reels from any third-party app

Goal depends largely on your reelsboth in Instagram like in Facebook. A few hours ago, the company has implemented a series of improvements on this latest platform; namely, now you can share videos from Applications of third parties.

With the new integration, Meta plans to make it easier to share content on Facebook Reels by removing a number of barriers. If before to share a video you had to download it, search for it in a mobile device and then modify it, with the novelty the process becomes much more direct, since it is now possible to quickly share and modify videos with the touch of a button.

How the new function implemented on Facebook for Reels works

The button, called ‘Share on Reels’, it has been integrated into various video services. Among them, VivaVideo, Vita and Smule.

Likewise, the apps interested in integrating this button to their service simply have to enter the developers website of goal and follow the steps explained there. Obviously, the integration will depend on whether the applications are interested in implementing themor not.

“Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so users can share short videos and customize them with Reels’ editing tools such as audio, text, effects, subtitles, and stickers. Instead of downloading video content and uploading it later, they can now seamlessly create and share videos at the touch of a button.” John McCarty, director of product management at Meta in the company’s official statement.

By making it easy to share Reels on Facebook, Meta plans to help users’ videos from Internet reach a wider audience. A feature reminiscent of the ‘Add Reel to Story’ option on Instagram; but with a much more ambitious goal.

Reels are now available on Facebook

After a limited release in USA, Reels finally hit Facebook in full force. Now users around the world will be able to enjoy these short videos almost anywhere within the app. Nevertheless, It has a section dedicated to them so that no one misses out on any of them.

Meta has also worked for improve monetization through your Reels and give creators new ways to monetize ads.

Viewing stories on Facebook is quite simple, and even if there are users who don’t want to see Reels on the social networkthey are likely to appear by the platform’s algorithms to appear in the feed.

Upon entering the application, you can see the upper section divided into three sections:

– History

– Reels

– Rooms.

Of course, to see these short videos, you have to enter the second one. However, as users scroll down the Facebook home page, you will be able to see “islands” of Reels that may be of interest.

Facebook and Instagram Reels have emerged as a way to counter the popularity of TikTok for Meta services. Despite initial misgivings about adopting the format, it quickly became “the fastest growing content format to date”, according to TechCrunch. Also, it can be classified as the fastest way to grow on Instagram and Facebook.

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