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It will still be possible to buy a ThinkPhone

The ThinkPhone by Motorola was presented at this year’s CES with high-end hardware, an iconic design and practical software extras, but ThinkPad users could long for the special device for a relatively short time, because it soon became clear that Lenovo intends to sell the device exclusively through B2B channels.

Roland Quandt, on the other hand, was informed that in some countries the manufacturer will not only deal with large corporate customers, Lenovo’s device may be available at some resellers as early as the end of January. The ThinkPhone equipped with an 8/256 GB memory package is sold in Europe at a price of 999 euros, which, depending on the exchange rate, means HUF 395-400 thousand. By the way, several portals treat the price as a fact, but for now we just hope that anyone who wants it will have the opportunity to buy such a device.

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