It was misunderstood and a box office flop but Stephen King assures that this film will be considered a classic in 20 years

The race of Damien Chazelle is inseparable from that embarrassing moment of oscar where, for a few seconds, La La Land was considered the Best film of his year. Chazelle, coming off the success of whiplashalready had in his hands the Oscar for Best Directorand this new victory came to endorse the great cultural phenomenon that had promoted La La Land on the billboard But there was a mistake. He Oscar for Best Picture was actually addressed to Moon lightin charge of Barry Jenkins.

It is an anecdote that many have seen as defining what later became Babylon. Chazelle directed this new film after shooting First Man with ryan gosling in the role of a hieratic Neil Armstrong: with Babylon I wanted to sign a love letter to the cinema, but not necessarily to the industry. As Singing under the rain either The Artist they did before, Babylon was located in the 20s of golden Hollywood, in full transition from silent to talkies. A traumatic transition for certain figures, which are precisely the ones that star Babylon.

Paramount released this three-hour film in early 2023, hoping it would sweep the critics and rack up Oscar nominations for cascoporro. However Babylon It had a very lukewarm reception, which barely earned it another nomination than the (incontestable) one for the soundtrack of justin hurwitz. What’s worse: the film did not work at the box office, and since it had required a monumental budget from Paramount, it was classified as an unappealable failure, which would anticipate a really bad run for the big movies. majors.

But not everything ended there. The (few) people he saw Babylon In theaters at that time, she considered it a great film, being fascinated by the tragedy that Chazelle encrypted around Margot RobbieBrad Pitt and diego bald (Among other fascinating characters). We witnessed a cult explosion when the film finally hit streaminga few weeks ago. Babylon is available in the catalog of Amazon Prime Videoand it has already been seen by someone whose opinion we value as much as it is Stephen King.

The novelist has tweeted about Babylon: “Maybe this says more about me than about the movie, but Babylon I found it absolutely brilliant: wacky, over-the-top, hilarious, thought-provoking. Maybe it’s one of those movies that gets bad reviews and in 20 years is hailed as a classic”. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should take advantage of it and see if together we can make it so that it doesn’t take two decades for the film to reach that status. Let’s do it for Chazelle.

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