It Gets Worse: 12 Horror Movies That Didn’t Need a Sequel


There’s no way! After a film achieves commercial success at the box office, studios are abuzz with thoughts of how they can profit more from an idea already established on the big screen. This is how sequels appear, which are often totally unnecessary and end up with the reputation of the original feature.

For that reason, we’ve selected 12 horror movies that had disastrous sequels released over the years. Check it out below!

12. The human centipede

If many people already considered the first film terrible, imagine what could come next. Willing to shock viewers once again, filmmaker Tom Six launched two more sequels to his initial idea. Both elevate the number of participants trapped in the human centipede and promote devious images to the public.

11. The call

movie remake Ringufrom 1998, in 2002 Hollywood produced The call, which was a huge success in the cinema. It didn’t take long for a sequel to be released from there.

That’s how it came about The Call 2in 2005, and still The Call 3in 2017. It goes without saying that none of them have the narrative power of the first one, right?

10. Shark

Steven Spielberg released a major blockbuster in 1975 based on the novel of the same name by writer Peter Benchley. With one of the highest grossing of all timethe studio ordered a sequel, which Spielberg did not want to be involved with.

Jeannot Szwarc was responsible for directing and Roy Scheider returned to the cast as Martin Brody. The franchise followed with three more films and none of them are as remarkable as the first.

9. Hungry eyes

Directed by Victor Salva, Hungry eyes commercially debuted in 2001, catching the attention of the horror fan public. With a modest budget and a trashy aesthetic, the production yielded interesting ideas for new films.

The second, from 2003, even managed to hook viewers, but hungry eyes 3from 2017, is a huge waste of money.

8. Horror in Amityville

Published in 1977, Jay Anson’s terrifying novel sold countless copies worldwide, serving as the basis for the 1979 feature film of the same name. With the success also in theaters, unnecessary sequels were commissioned.

All the films that came after tried to use the initial premise for the development of the scripts without any novelty. Even remakes have popped up recently.

7. Psychosis

Alfred Hitchcock innovated by showing the murder of his apparent protagonist in the middle of the film. With an exquisite direction and a thought-provoking soundtrack, Psychosis became a huge success.

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However, in the 1980s, there were three sequels to the feature film, but without Hitchcock, but with the lead role of Anthony Perkins in the role of Norman Bates.

6. The fly

Filmmaker David Cronenberg’s eighties film is considered by a good part of the public as one of the most disgusting of all time.

In him, a man has his genes merged with those of a fly, gradually transforming himself into a great insect. The unnecessary continuation, directed by Chris Walas, however, has the son of Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) as the protagonist.

5. The Blair Witch

In the late 1990s, a new film style emerged for the horror genre: found footage. For a long time, the public believed that these were really films found by other people, bringing an interesting veracity to the productions.

However, the continuations of its pioneer, in this case, The Blair Witchdid not carry the same emotional weight, much less their innovative impact.

4. The orphan

Launched in 2009, the end of The orphan took most audiences by surprise, becoming one of the most creative horror films in years to be presented in cinemas.

After a full decade, its sequel was finally released. Although, the film failed to attract the audience and not even captivate him with their propositions.

3. freddy vs. jason

In a highly anticipated crossover, assassin Jason Voorhees, from Friday 13and the manic Freddy Krueger, from The nightmare timemet to shake the structures of any cinema.

However, although they belong to two highly acclaimed franchises, this continuation of their stories, released in 200, was quite unpleasant, despite having managed to collect more than 100 million worldwide at the box office.

two. The Exorcist

The classic film by William Friedkin, based on the novel of the same name by writer William Peter Blatty, remained in the public’s imagination for years, mainly because of all the terrifying images produced between a possessed girl and a priest with great distrust.

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Its success spawned several sequels, including The Exorcist II – The Heretic (1977) with Linda Blair in the cast, but none of them managed to be as remarkable as the first film.

1. halloween

Finally, it is necessary to talk about a franchise full of ups and downs. halloweenby John Carpenter, hit theaters in 1978. Three years later, the first sequel was released.

From her, the figure of Michael Myers was explored in all ways, yielding controversial and unnecessary films. halloween ends (2022) is one of the examples that most disappointed fans.

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