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It could be a function button from the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro

It could be a function button from the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro

Interesting new information was shared by Macrumors source from the new iPhone 15 Pro smartphone. Last year, the source also shared reliable rumors about the dynamic island that debuted on 14 Pro devices, which turned out to be true, so it’s worth paying attention to its current information as well. For many months, we have known that Apple may abandon the two-position switch that has existed since the first iPhone, and replace it with a button that does not perform physical movement, but that simulates movement with a vibration motor. The main button on iPhones and the touchpad on MacBooks work according to this principle.

In that year, several commands could also be set on the slider on the side of the iPads: mute, lock screen rotation

New information about the hard button on the iPhone is that it can do much more than the one function it used to have. According to the paper, the switch will function as an action button, similar to how it is in the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch, or how several commands could be set on the sliding button on iPads. In addition to sound/mute, for example, the do not disturb mode could be quickly activated with the action button, or it could be possible to switch between focus modes, open applications or menus, etc. THE Macrumors The ideas described in his article are similar to what Android phones with reprogrammable Google Assistant or dedicated command buttons can do.

This is what the left side of the iPhone 15 Pro might look like
This is what the left side of the iPhone 15 Pro might look like (source: Douyin) [+]

A slightly more serious rumor concerns the new low-power microprocessor. Apple already uses this in its phones, with the help of which the mobile remains on the Locator network even after the battery is discharged and sends its position for 24 hours, and Apple Pay Express cards can also be used with it for five hours after the phone is discharged. The new processor is said to take over the control of Bluetooth Low Energy and UWB, as well as being responsible for managing the solid function key.

According to the anonymous source, the control chip would detect button presses and hold downs, as well as the strength of the pressure, similar to the former 3D Touch, even when the phone is turned off. In addition to the function button, he also writes about the unified volume control, which would be able to adjust the volume based on the strength of the pressure, and would supposedly also detect smoothing as a gesture. According to the source, tests are currently ongoing regarding the feedback of the Taptic Engine vibration motor depending on the state of the phone (active, switched off, discharged).

Based on the rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, as well as a possible Ultra model, may get unified buttons that do not physically move, the basic models will remain with the classic buttons.

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