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Is The Whale streaming? Find out where to watch a movie with Brendan Fraser

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Now it’s official: Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), who had been away from the cinema for years, was crowned at the 2023 Oscar and won the Best Actor category, one of the main ones at the ceremony, for his performance in The Whale (The Whale). The film, released in February this year in Brazil, was directed by Darren Aronofsky (Mother!) and had Fraser in the lead role, sharing the screen with Sadie Sink (Stranger Things), Ty Simpkins, Hong Chau (The menu) and Samantha Morton.

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  • Is The Whale: Oscar movie good or is it only highlighted by Brendan Fraser?

With the feature film gaining more and more attention due to its awards and its controversies, which began even before its official release, the question that remains: where to watch it The whale? Is the production available on any streaming service? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers for you right below!

The Whale: is it possible to watch it in streaming?

Unfortunately, The whale not available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max or on any other streaming platform present in Brazil. However, with the repercussion that Aronofsky’s film has been generating, it is extremely possible that several services of the genre are interested in acquiring the transmission rights of the project, which was produced by the renowned A24.

That is, we can see The whale coming soon to some streaming, though nothing has been officially announced yet. For those looking to watch The whale through rent, the news is also negative, since the film is also not available in this modality in the country.

  • The Whale: meet the cast of the film with Brendan Fraser

For now, the only way to officially see the 2023 Oscar-nominated film is on the big screen, in theaters. The film opened on February 23 and continues to be shown in several theaters around Brazil. Abroad, on the other hand, the film has already been released digitally, causing illegal copies to circulate on the internet.

The Whale: Film Story

In The whale, Fraser plays creative writing professor Charlie, a lonely man who is severely obese. Upon realizing that his health is getting worse and worse, the protagonist makes a huge effort to reconnect with his teenage daughter Ellie (Sink), who, in turn, has problems of her own. In that sense, Charlie fights against time to correct the mistakes of his past and get closer to those he loves before it’s too late.

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