Is ‘Saw’ suddenly good? The tenth installment achieves the best score of the saga on Rotten Tomatoes

It’s not that today the credibility of a place like Rotten Tomatoes go through your best moment. This system of aggregating criticism, which values ​​them based exclusively on whether it considers them “positive” either “negative”has always aroused discomfort in cinephilia because of how its scales only emphasize scores, whether a film is “fresh” either “rotten” according to the percentage of positive and negative reviews. And in addition to that, a few weeks ago controversy arose over a report that indicated that Rotten Tomatoes had hosted positive reviews upon payment for “inflate” artificially the rating of certain films.

Wow, anything related to Rotten Tomatoes You have to take it with a safe distance, but that doesn’t mean that what just happened with me isn’t funny. Saw X. Saw X It is, therefore, the tenth installment of a very long horror saga that has not usually received the approval of critics. He has continued because his films are cheap to make and they have managed to attract a fandom very faithful, who enthusiastically applauds the ingenious antics of John Kramer /Jigsaw (interpreted by Tobin Bell) in pursuit of a thunderous sense of morality that always leads to bursts of gore.

Saw X It is not exactly a sequel, since its narrative is located between the first Saw and Saw II. This is what explains why Bell can star in the film (her character died at the end of Saw IIIalthough leaving everything orchestrated so that the party would not stop during successive films), but not that critics suddenly found it in their favor. Saw X has had reviews between lukewarm and good, very far from the usual standards of the saga, and this has resulted in it currently holding the Rotten Tomatoes a surprising 84% of positive reviews. It is certified as “Fresh”, and it turns out to have the best score of all Saw.

Yes, it even surpasses the score of the first one Sawwhich directed by James Wan It is usually the most unanimously applauded delivery. This Saw has a fair fifty% of positive reviews (yet another reason to question the review system). Rotten Tomatoes), vastly surpassing it Saw X and, of course, doing the same with the rest of the franchise. The previous one, a reboot with Chris Rock which was titled Spiralhave a 37%while the previous one in turn (Saw VIII) have a 32%. And things get more severe as we go back in time, because Saw V have a 13% and Saw 3D a 9%. She has spread hatred, indeed.

How should we take this news? Well let’s see. Rotten Tomatoes has little legitimacy at this point, but it is true that so many positive (but possibly condescending) reviews indicate that the saga is alive and well and that it might not be a bad plan to go see the film this weekend. It seemed moderately good to us.

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