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Is now on sale the support of the iPhone to use as a webcam

(photo: Apple)

During the WWDC 2022, Manzana gave an overview of the function ‘Continuity Camera’ (continuity chamber). This feature, although simple, allows you to use a iPhone like a camera in a iMac either macbook. Also, the people of Cupertino showed a support in the presentation to facilitate the placement of the device.


Today, a few months after its presentation and a few weeks after the official launch of iOS 16Apple finally decided to release support for turning the iPhone into a webcam.

Have a $29.95 USD price (almost immediate delivery) and you can choose between black and white so that it does not conflict with the Mac. It is worth mentioning that this is not a pure Apple product, since Belkin was responsible for this.


“iPhone Support with Belkin MagSafe for Mac Laptops.” This is how Apple describes its product in the official store. The website, on the other hand, allows you to appreciate its design and learn about various technical details. These include its ability to connect to almost any MacBook and optimization for iOS 16, as well as the ‘Continuity Camera’ feature of macOS Ventura.

You can now use an iPhone as a webcam on an iMac or MacBook


“Dock an iPhone with technology MagSafe to a Mac notebook to take advantage of the new Continuity Camera features in the latest version of macOS,” Apple says on its website.

They also ensure that the magnet that uses MagSafe technology can keep the iPhone completely safe “while talking on the phone.” face time, content is recorded or video calls are made”. Its characteristics are described below:

– Magnetic docking of iPhone devices with MagSafe.

– Secure attachment to Mac laptops.

– Optimized for Continuity Camera on macOS Ventura.

– Grip and support to watch videos and much more.

– Supports MagSafe compatible cases.

You can also change your address at any time without any problem. Apple even took the product a step further, saying the user can use it to view content or hold their iPhone while the accessory is unplugged from a Mac.

An iPhone can now be used as a MacBook camera. (photo: Apple)
An iPhone can now be used as a MacBook camera. (photo: Apple)

A solution that many users asked for

It is clear that with this innovation the quality will be greatly improved, since the idea is to use the main camera in the latest models with a resolution of up to 4K at 60FPS. In this way, with a simple tripod or with the accessory that Apple has shown to place on top of the Mac screen, you will have a high-quality webcam.

Users will no longer have to go through the checkout to get a good camera, and this long-standing problem is solved. However, it is still necessary to evaluate the general functioning of this system and how it can affect the iPhone that can get hot when using the remote camera function.

(photo: Apple)
(photo: Apple)

In the absence of tests on current devices, it can be assumed that the requirements, in addition to being in already commented versions of the software, must be on the same network Internet. iPhone and Mac must be connected in this way to facilitate data transfer.

Since Apple introduced the continuous camera in June, there has been no official accessory to perform this function. It was not until early August that Belkin announced support for the iPhone, and it took more than two months to see its official release. Fortunately, it is already here and can be purchased from the following link.

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