Is Galaxy M52 Still Worth It in 2022?

The Galaxy M52 5G arrived in Brazil a year ago, in September 2021. Samsung’s mid-range cell phone is still on sale in national online retail, at a price that often drops to around R$1,500. Is an intermediary with about a year on the market still worth it? That’s what I’m going to explain in this brief review, in which I talk about the main strengths and weaknesses of this smartphone.

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Let’s see if the Galaxy M52 is still worth a year after its release.

The M52 is a cheaper version of the Galaxy A52s

The datasheet of the Galaxy M52 is practically the same as the Galaxy A. The other Samsung intermediary was evaluated here at Canaltech as a surprising cell phone, a great hit by the brand.

Galaxy M52 has a glossy finish on the back (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

One of the advantages of the Galaxy M52 for the A52s is its battery, which has 5,000 mAh, against 4,500 mAh of the “brother”. The impact of this was a gain of more than 2 hours of online video playback on Netflix, reaching 18 hours and 45 minutes.

That is, if the Galaxy A52s can already deliver a day of use for less demanding users, the M52 can handle even more. For those who don’t spend that much time on their smartphone and don’t have many apps installed, it should arrive about a day and a half away from the outlet.

Excellent value for money

The Galaxy M52 often appears in offers around R$1,500. It is an excellent price for the set offered, as it has a powerful mid-range processor, Super AMOLED screen, good set of cameras and battery for a whole day.

Comparing to models in the same price range, it’s hard to find a cell phone that rivals Samsung’s in every way. The Redmi Note 11S is a good alternative, but it only comes to this price with importers who are unable to offer a one-year warranty.

Super AMOLED screen is one of the differentials of the GAlaxy M52 (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

The Moto G60 would be another good option, but it’s a previous generation phone from Motorola. That means it’s near the end of its update cycle.

The Galaxy M52 will still have a few years of guaranteed updates, in addition to official support from Samsung in Brazil. And it doesn’t sin in any of the main aspects of a good smartphone: screen, performance, cameras and battery.

Almost a top of the line at an intermediate price

Samsung’s intermediary scored 2,492 points in the Wild Life Unlimited test of the 3D Mark tool — which evaluates graphic rendering. In Geekbench, it was 778 points in single-core and 2,844 points in multi-core, when analyzing its processing power.

These are excellent scores for the mid-range segment, close to even the latest models (and higher than many of them). And it’s not just in performance that the Galaxy M52 delivers a good experience.

This Samsung phone also takes very good photos, which is hard to find in its price range. Both the main and the ultrawide and the macro achieve great sharpness, a very good dynamic range and colors close to life.

The front also records pretty cool selfies, with a good level of detail on your face. In addition, the device shoots in 4K on the main and on the front with good image stabilization.

No protection against water and dust

The Galaxy M52’s biggest downside to its “brother” in the Galaxy A line is the build. The device has a more affordable material, an even less scratch resistant plastic, with a glossy paint that attracts many fingerprints.

But that’s the least, since a cape solves well. The main point is the absence of IP67 certification, available on both Galaxy A52 and A52s. That is, it is better to keep it protected from liquids and avoid using it on the beach.

Galaxy M52 has a USB-C connector, but it owes the P2 (Image: Felipe Junqueira/Canaltech)

Another important point is the absence of connector P2. That is, to use a headset (which, by the way, does not come with the device), you need one with a USB-C cable or a Bluetooth option.

Is Samsung Galaxy M52 still worth it?

With great value for money and a few more years of system upgrades guaranteed, the Galaxy M52 is a good option to buy in 2022. And it’s a 5G-ready phone, so you won’t have to worry about making a switch anytime soon. .

Samsung’s cell phone has a good performance, which should be enough for most users in the coming years. In addition, the smartphone has good battery life and great quality cameras.

If you don’t care about IP protection against water and dust and don’t need a headphone jack, you’ve already ruled out the main weaknesses of the device.

In summary, the Galaxy M52 is not only worth it, it is one of the best mid-range options to buy in 2022.

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