Is Android better than iOS? What the boss of Instagram says


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Is Android better than iOS?  What the boss of Instagram says

We can really define it as the eternal debate that among the mobile phone enthusiasts in establishing whether Android is really better than iOS.

Let’s talk about the two most popular mobile operating systems: the first from Google, the second that powers Apple-branded devices. Now, directly from the servers of Threadsthe rival of Twitter launched by Meta, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosserhas his say on the comparison between the two platforms, inevitably triggering an uproar of comments.

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Android better than iOS: the answer from the head of Instagram

marques Brownleea well-known tech youtuber, asked his followers on Threads to reveal their “hot takes TECH“, i.e. strong opinions on the hi-tech industry in order to trigger debates that can fuel numerous comments and therefore contribute to the involvement on Threads.

Well, Adam Mosserhead of Instagram, has decided to drop the atomic bomb with a simple sentence: “Android is now better than iOS“.

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A lit fuse on the fuel of the OS war that suggests iOS was once the industry benchmark, before being overtaken by its rival.

The answer was enough to trigger numerous comments: on the one hand the Android fans who support the opinion claiming that Google continues to innovate, while Apple remains stagnant on its old ideas. On the other hand, i bitten apple supporters have pointed the finger at the statement, focusing on the aspects still considered weak of Android, above all the age-old question of privacy.

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In short, several years have passed since the first clashes between iOS and Android fans, but the war is still raging today and it doesn’t take much to rekindle it even violently.