iPhone: These are the applications that use the Dynamic Island

iPhone: These are the applications that use the Dynamic Island
Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. (photo: Apple)

The new Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 14 have as main element within their characteristics the Dynamic Islandan element that integrates the ‘notch’ of the devices as an element that allows to visualize notifications and keep the user abreast of other processes that occur in the background within the telephone.

Many of the functionalities and applications of the iPhone are somehow integrated into notifications that can be seen on the Dynamic Island and users can even interact with it through unique transitions and animations. For example, when setting up Face ID, this space shows the person’s face and guides them through the process.

The Dynamic Island interacts with indicators, which let you know when a app or function is in use; and does the same with system alerts, like to unlock the phone, connect Airpods, among other activities.

System alerts on Dynamic Island

Among the alerts displayed in the Dynamic Island are:

– Apple Watch unlock.

– Face ID configuration and authentication.


– CarKey (Service to add a digital car key to the iPhone to unlock it using the Apple smartphone).

– Low battery.

– Active load.

Dynamic Island on <a class=iPhone 14 Pro. (GIF: Apple)” height=”311″ width=”498″ class=”” src=”https://techmarkup.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/iPhone-These-are-the-applications-that-use-the-Dynamic-Island.gif” “(min-width: 800px) 50vw, 90vw” loading=”lazy”>
Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro. (GIF: Apple)

– AirPods connection.


– Incoming phone call.

– Receive files from AirDrop.

– Mute switch activated.

– Near Field Communication (NFC) scanning.

– Focus mode change.

– Execution of shortcuts

– Data absence alert.

– SIM card alerts.

– Hotspot in use.

– Connected accessory.

Live activities on Dynamic Island

Other content that can be viewed from this space on the device screen is Live Activities or Live Activitieswhich presents a update in real time of other processes that are carried out in the background within the device.

Use another app while playing music background or during a phone call allows the Dynamic Island to modify its appearance and present information about the status of the activity.

Dynamic Island can display information even when iPhone is in a locked state, so users can stay informed about what’s happening in other apps without having to unlock the device.

The Dynamic Island presents information to keep users updated on the processes that iPhones perform.  (photo: Apple)
The Dynamic Island presents information to keep users updated on the processes that iPhones perform. (photo: Apple)

Some of the live activities that can be part of the notifications displayed on the Dynamic Island are:

– In a SharePlay session.

– Timer.

– Voice memory recording.

– Active screen recording.

– Navigation instructions.

– Take a phone call.

– Music or other audio applications.

Because Apple allows third-party applications to integrate with notifications from the Dynamic Islandthese can be better integrated into the system of this function of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Currently Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, Overcast, YouTube Music, Stitcher, and SoundCloud apps are supported on Dynamic Island with proper graphics while playing music or sound on their platforms.

Although the new models of iPhone were released to users recently, the current uses of the Dynamic Island will increase over time and according to other Applications develop exclusive features for this space within the devices.