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iPhone Self Repair Now Available in the US: Here’s How It Works

Since November of last year, Manzana aannounced that users could repair their own iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone SE (third generation), and from this day on they will be able to take home the necessary parts to carry out maintenance work from the comfort of their desk.


For now the self-service repair is only in effect in the United States. Parts are available for purchase at the Apple Self-Service Repair Store.

Those who do not want to buy the tools directly can rent tool kits for seven days for a cost of US$49.


The service will expand to more countries by the end of the year, starting in Europe. It currently offers more than 200 individual parts and tools, allowing customers repair damage to the battery, camera, screen of your iPhone. In the course of the year there will be parts for other repairs.

Although initially the repairs are focused on iPhone 12, 13 and SE third generation, Apple ensures that manuals, parts and tools for repairing Mac computers will also be included later this year with Apple’s siliconized M1 chips.

How to start the repair process


– First the user should check the repair manual of the product they want to repair by visiting: It should be remembered that for now it is only in English because self-service is not available in Spanish-speaking regions.

– Later you can visit Apple’s self-service repair store and order the necessary parts and tools.

– Finally things must be collected to start the repair. The rented tools will be shipped free of charge to the customer.


Those who have no idea how to do the repairs can review the manuals that are available on the page of the Apple self-service repair store. In certain repairs, lUsers will receive a credit when returning a replaced part for recycling.

The Cupertino, California, company ensures that “every genuine Apple part is designed for each product, and undergoes extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety and reliability.”

It also notes that the parts are sold at the same price as those available from the network of authorized repair providers. That is, the price does not vary if they are sold per unit or wholesale. The part does not change either, since it is the same one used by the repair network.

“They are custom designed to help propProvide the best repairs for Appl productsey are designed to withstand the rigors of operations.”

Although this modality is already available and little by little it will reach other regions, Apple recommends customers to continue to bring their devices to the official repairer network in case they are inexperienced in repairing electronic devices to get a better result. “Self-service repairs are intended for individual technicians with the experience and the necessary knowledge”, says Apple.

Customers now join the more than 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers and 2,800 Independent Repair Providers who have access to these parts, tools and manuals.

“Create greater access to genuine Apple parts will give our customers even more options when they need a repair”, explained Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple last year, during the official announcement of the self-service repair program.

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