iPhone SE Redesign: Leaker reveals how long we have to wait

If you follow the rumors about the iPhone SE 3, you already know one thing: In 2022 we will probably get a cheap iPhone with the familiar look. Now, however, a leaker is finally speaking out on a possible redesign of the SE. Apple will be based on the iPhone 11 and bring a feature from the iPad Air and iPad mini to the smartphone.

  • According to Leaker, the iPhone SE will be redesigned for 2023
  • Apple is supposedly based on the iPhone 11 and integrates the Touch ID into the on button
  • Post on Twitter confirms again that we will see an iPhone SE in the familiar look in 2022


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A few weeks ago I already informed you about the signs for a redesign of the iPhone SE. Back then, it was TrendForce analysts who commented on the upcoming Apple cell phone. A well-known leaker confirmed again on Twitter in Januarythat we will see a 5G-capable iPhone SE 3 with the design of the iPhone 8 in 2022. However, “dylandkt” also commented on Apple’s plans to finally redesign the SE.

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Apple is working on an iPhone SE that is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11. Since its release has been postponed, Apple is currently planning a release in 2024. He is referring to his own tweet from January 2021, in which he revealed more details about the cheapest iPhone.

What we already know about the redesign of the iPhone SE

While we are listing everything about the 5G-capable relaunch of the model in the familiar look on our rumor page for the iPhone SE 3, we can collect everything about the planned redesign here. As Leaker “dylandkt” wrote in January 2021, Apple could integrate the Touch ID sensor into the power button. Just as Apple is already doing with the current iPad Air and the iPad mini 2021. The advantage here is that Apple could improve the screen-to-case ratio. Because without the complex sensor system for Face ID, Apple could rely on a punch-hole notch in the display.

NextPit iPhone 12 Mini screen
With the mini series introduced in the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple is already selling smaller cell phones. / © NextPit

As MacRumors writes, the display analyst Ross Young also speculates that Apple will rely on display sizes between 5.7 inches and 6.1 inches. There is also talk of a punch-hole notch, which is also speculated for the iPhone 14’s pro lineup in 2022.


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If you are sworn fans of the iPhone SE, you have to wait another two years for a breath of fresh air. Alternatively, there is already a compact smartphone from Apple in the form of the iPhone 13 mini. In the linked article we also have other cell phones with small screens for you to compare.

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