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iPhone SE 3: price would be really affordable, Samsung and Xiaomi can shake

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The first iPhone SE was released in 2016. Then, another affordable model was launched by Apple in 2020. And currently, many sources agree that the firm is preparing to release an iPhone SE 3 this first half of 2022 .

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This model should allow Apple to compete with Android smartphone manufacturers who sell 5G but affordable smartphones. Indeed, like the iPhone 13, this iPhone SE 3 would use the A15 Bionic chip and would also be equipped with a 5G chip.

iPhone SE 3: its price would be more affordable compared to the 2020 model

Apparently, Apple is going to launch a price war against its competitors in the mid-range segment. Indeed, according to a new rumor, the firm would plan to sell the iPhone SE 3 model more affordable compared to the price of its predecessor.

In an article published a few days ago, the Investor’s Business Daily site relays an analyst, John Donovan of Loop Capital Markets. In a note, this one would have mentioned rumors suggesting that the price in the United States of the next iPhone SE could be 300 dollars. Compared to the price of the 2020 iPhone SE model, which is $399, that’s about a $100 drop. And in Europe, this could possibly mean a drop of 100 euros.


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Of course, like all rumours, this one should be considered with great caution. Moreover, in the same article, Investor’s Business Daily relays another analyst who, for his part, thinks that the next iPhone SE will always cost 399 dollars in the United States.

But anyway, this iPhone SE should, like its predecessors, allow Apple to steal a few users of Google’s operating system. Indeed, thanks to its affordable price as well as the performance of Apple Silicon processors, the iPhone SE range can be very convincing. And since the 2022 model is expected to be the first affordable iPhone with 5G, there are sure to be even more people interested. The iPhone SE 3 model could be positioned as an alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy A, OnePlus Nord, or Xiaomi’s Redmi Note.

For the moment, Apple has not yet announced a date. But according to sources, the firm could make its product launch on March 8, during an online event. And in addition to a new iPhone SE, Apple could also launch a new iPad Air, and even new Macs.

In any case, we expect surprises for this first Apple event of the year. This should indeed mark the beginning of a series of novelties that the firm would have planned for the year 2022. Of course, the flagship product will be the iPhone 14 series, but Apple would also have several Macs, AirPods Pro 2, as well as new iPads in the pipeline. Let’s just hope that Apple will have fewer supply constraints compared to 2021.


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